Genio and Appliance Repair

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The Genio App has been regarded as the best software for the appliance repair industry and is the industry leader by bringing a digital transformation on the way work teams do their work worldwide. With the Genio software, you will be able to improve your staff productivity, efficiency as well as team scheduling, attendance with Face ID, messaging, location and task management. Therefore, we are the best appliance repair software and regarded as #1 Productivity App designed specifically for those teams who are always on the go.

Genio App is the top-rated software and can be joined for free. This app has changed the way teams do their jobs around the world and has made it much easier. It has helped by allowing work teams, managers, supervisors and staff to be easily connected on the Genio platform. It is used by thousands of companies around the world. And in a few clicks, you can sign-up team members, create group chats, assign task, schedule shifts, and even track their location.

Genio App Is A Global Leader and Has 5 Main Features:

Face ID Attendance – This app allows repair technicians to check-in and check-out with a simple touch. As a supervisor you will be able to verify the identity of the technician through face recognition, communicate with them and you will also be able to create reports for accurate payroll calculation.

Chat & Efficient Communication – As a supervisor, you need to be in control of where your repair technicians are every step of the way. This app is used by thousands of companies to stay in touch with their teams and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. There are easy access buttons to quickly call, chat or view the calendar of every technician.

Tasks – You will be given the freedom of creating, assigning and tracking the progress of all tasks with your technicians.

Job Orders – This app can provide mobile access to repair technicians by making it easy for them to access their schedules, track previous repairs, check if the parts are available and customer history.

Team Location in Real-Time – You will be able to locate your technicians progress in real-time on a map. This will also assist you in monitoring delivery and services routes at a quick glance.

Taking Advantage of The App

Repair technicians can easily manage the repairs by easily viewing the documents, address, time, date and instructions of the client. All the repair technicians can check-in and check-out with their own Smartphones using Face ID. The number of hours worked can be tracked through the app and reports can be easily generated.

When the prices for repairs are changed all the employees of the branches must be aware, a group chat dedicated to the topic can be created and everything stays documented in the Genio platform. The repair technicians and supervisors can constantly be in contact throughout the day by group or individual chats.


This software can be very useful in the running of businesses in the appliance repair industry. Join now for free and have access to the best. It is beneficial to everyone in the business as the workers will be able to submit data regularly and supervisors have more control on all the workers. A simple dashboard can be used to view everything at a quick glance.

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