Kratom in Thailand

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In Southeast Asia kratom is known as kratum, ketum, khoum and many other names. The people of Southeast Asia started to cultivate kratom a long time ago. They detected its clinical value and started to use it. The most of the kratom cultivate in Thailand Malaysia Myanmar Indonesia and Philippines. Famous Dutch botanist Pieter Korthals introduced this product to the rest of the world. By his journal people first know about this herbal products. Now kratom products and kratom cultivated in worldwide. So many kratom products are invented recently and Kratom products are being very popular day by day. Learn more about kratom by visit

In this article we are going to talk about kratom cultivation and uses in Thailand. In Thailand kratom is a part of their culture from a century ago. Before starting cultivation in village of Thailand people collected kratom from tropical forest. They chewed kratom leaf to control their body pain. Some of them smoked it as cigarette. But when they understand the secret effects of this herbal they starting to cultivate it and trying to marketed kratom products. In Thailand people first invented the amazing kratom tea which is the most favorite kratom product in worldwide.

But kratom can act like opium thing like marijuana. Some Thai people were starting to use kratom as an opium product. The young people are going addicted on it. So it was going to be a big problem for that generation. That’s why Thai government banned kratom cultivation. They also made an act to stop using kratom and kratom products publically. But some licensed farmers can cultivate a little amount of kratom for research and clinical purpose.

Now by the some highly advanced research we discovered so many good sides of kratom. In the whole world kratom and kratom products are using in many ways and it is increasing very faster day by day. So Thai government should take off their banned order from kratom cultivation. They also can make laws to cultivate kratom in a safe way. Government of Thailand should concern people about safely use of kratom and kratom products.

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