8 tips to combat insecurity and improve your relationships

The great enemy of social relations is insecurity. Always think about what they will say is to forget something very important: you are a valuable person. Discover how to combat insecurity and improve your relationships.

If you do not know where to start, put our tricks into practice. You will see that improving your relationships is easier than it may seem at first glance.

How to improve your relationships

1. Be cordial

improve your relationships

Education is an excellent step to improve socially. Whether it is a relationship of friends or a couple, showing education will be the first step for it to be returned to you.

  • One of the fears you can feel is to consider that you will be the object of
  • If before you have been involved in uncomfortable situations and now you are afraid to repeat the experience, try simply to be an educated person. You will see how your interlocutors behave in the same way.

2. Love your beauty

Seeing you well will make you feel safe, have confidence in you and improve your relationships.

All people are visual. Therefore, bring out the best part of you with your clothes, makeup and accessories is a way to open doors. You also try this tips to say i love your every day.

3. Do not be afraid to laugh and cry

There is no greater sign of confidence than to express in a healthy and mature way what you feel. Be it love, pain, anger or joy it is important that you do not fear to experience those emotions.

Perhaps you are pleasantly surprised to discover that others connect better when you allow yourself to be vulnerable. This is normal because you give the other the opportunity to be empathetic with you and help you improve your relationships.

4. Do not fight, but the debate

improve your relationships

We all have the right to think differently. In fact, this is part of what enriches our interpersonal relationships. Can you imagine how boring it would be to be surrounded by people who think like you at all times?

Unsafe people are often afraid to express their ideas when they are contrary to the rest.

However, there is nothing that will help you increase your confidence as much as it does to defend your points of view with arguments.

This is a very healthy exercise that you should experience whenever possible. Just remember that you should not look for a violent or aggressive confrontation. Instead, practice a healthy debate.

  • Pose your views with intelligence and firmness, that way you will gain respect.
  • In the case of being wrong, accept your mistake and take that knowledge. Allow yourself to learn and teach.
  • Establish healthy discussions, since they create respect and trust.

5. Talk to yourself

It seems a strange advice, right? But it really is a method that allows you to know yourself better and help thoughts to flow faster.

Practice with a mirror and you will discover that this helps you improve your relationships and establish longer conversations in a very short time. This is a good exercise if whenever you go to talk with a stranger you feel overwhelmed.

6. Attend crowded places

improve your relationships

Do you die of terror at the simple idea of ​​going to a place full of people? Do not you even dare to enter? Well, to improve your relationships you must submit to those situations.

The first time you do it you may stand in a corner and avoid all contact, but do not give up.

To do this, there are two ways:

  • Include in your weekly or monthly routine to attend a place It can be a dance, music course, the gym, where you feel more comfortable and improve your well-being.
  • The other is more improvised and consists of making trips and going to places you have never visited in your life to meet people.

The most important thing is to remember that it is not about seeing how others socialize, but about relating to them. Talk to strangers in unexpected places.

For this point it is important not to plan: just reserve a space in the agenda to go aimlessly.

7. Work on issues that generate insecurity

You can work hard to improve your relationships and achieve it after several efforts. However, if you want the results to be permanent, you must also work on your insecurities.

Start by analyzing what are the memories or acts that generate the problem. Work on these factors on your own or with the help of a specialist so they do not sabotage the achievements you are achieving.

8. Increase your knowledge

improve your relationships

To facilitate relationships, it is good to have topics to talk about. It is not bad to be an expert in a single subject, but it is very good to have a variety of knowledge.

This is not limited to reading books and academic research. Watching television, movies or sports can be very helpful. Having different topics of conversation is a big step to socialize more and better.

With these tips, you can improve your relationships in all aspects. If you know how to take them to your daily life, you will relate better to social, academic, family and couple level.

The key to success lies in trust and self-esteem. After that, the other doors will open.

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