Why is not a good time to buy diesel

Buy diesel– As much as the different associations involved in the manufacture, sale. Or distribution of automobiles insist on the benefits of diesel and defend it. the reality is that at the present time is the worst to decide on a diesel model.

There is a scene from the movie. The Son of the Bride in which the protagonist is about to sell his restaurant to a big chain. And his buyers, to give him the last push. They tell the protagonist to sell, that they know what they do and it’s time to sell. His answer is most eloquent “if you know what you are doing and are buying, it is time to buy and not sell.

You will wonder what this has to do with the subject at hand. Which is to make clear if it is a good idea to buy a diesel car or not. And my advice is to look at what those who defend current buy diesel engines do. Because they are much more efficient and cleaner than the diesel that they sold us a few years ago and the gasoline they sell today.

Yes, it is true that the buy diesel vehicles that are sold now are cleaner than before. But it is also true that. While they recommend us, most of them plan to stop manufacturing these mechanics in just 5 years , some even before, as Porsche

Most of us do not change car every two years. But we keep it between 5 and 10 years. Unfortunately, nobody has a crystal ball that predicts the future. Even if the future is in our hands, as is the case (if we all stop buy diesel, it is clear that we ourselves will have caused this end).

The problem to consider the purchase of a car in the medium term is that. We are in a moment of maximum uncertainty and with contradictory arguments. Let’s see what are the objective advantages and disadvantages to decide for a diesel or discard it permanently.

Buy diesel yes or no? This is the current scenario

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The main argument of the manufacturers for us to continue buying diesel is that are more efficient mechanics , with a lower consumption and that, thanks to the new laws and the greater control of the authorities over their compliance, they are cleaner. This is true: diesel cars have never been cleaner than now . It’s the same thing that happens right after a plane crash. Unfortunately, fatal accidents serve as an incentive to improve safety and, above all, avoid routine controls that have more routine than controls. With the emission of diesel and the scam in which almost all manufacturers have been involved have had as one of the consequences this. That their cars now seem to comply with the law in a comfortable way.

As users, we have two main arguments to decide for a buy diesel car:

  • Because we are very committed to the environment. And we are really concerned that diesel emits less CO2 than gasoline and now also less NOx.
  • Because we are interested in the lower consumption. And savings in the cost per kilometer traveled.

Well, although fortunately there are more and more people with the first criterion, the truth is that today’s society hurts more pocket than lungs and, in any case, if we really care about emissions, there are better alternatives to buy diesel or gasoline, such as compressed natural gas, hydrogen or electric.

So, what worries us most to decide for a buy diesel car or not is the economy and, unfortunately, everything points to the numbers are going to be increasingly against these mechanics , some numbers that I would say that either they left before or leave now for the majority of diesel buyers, who in their calculations have only taken into account the price of filling the deposit.

Undoubtedly, even though manufacturers insist that their diesel engines are cleaner than ever, which is true, the current time is the worst to buy them for several reasons:

Higher maintenance cost: Diesel engines are cleaner thanks to finally installing systems to treat their emissions. These systems work well, but they have a significant maintenance cost. For example, practically all of the diesel that is currently sold equips SCR gas treatment systems with AdBlue. The truth is that the cost of the urea additive that we have to add every few kilometers is ridiculous, but it is an extra expense. The worst thing is that these systems are susceptible to expensive faults (urea injectors, NOx catalysts, sensors …). That is, diesel cars are cleaner than ever, but also more expensive to maintain than ever.

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The price of fuel will rise: But without repercussions on professionals. It seems that the government is determined that the liter of buy  diesel oil goes up. Which ruins one of the main arguments for buying a diesel car.

Higher depreciation of the vehicle: the residual value of diesel cars is going down. Contrary to what we think, one of the biggest costs of using the car is not what it consumes in fuel but its depreciation over time. If governments maintain their pressure on these types of vehicles, the residual value will be even lower.

Manufacturers can tilt the balance towards buy diesel

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An important factor is the pressure capacity that manufacturers have, a fact that has been clear with the extension. They have achieved for the implementation of the WLTP that should have become effective on September 1. And have already managed to postpone until December 31 from 2020.

It is clear that the automobile industry is one of the most important in the economy and that they have a lot of strength to put pressure on governments. Although now they are bombarding us with balloons on new taxes on diesel. Or against buy diesel claiming that it has days counted. The thing is already polarizing. And the pressure begins to focus more on old vehicles than on the type of fuel. A solution that interests both parties. Manufacturers continue to maintain their current structures and finance their conversion to new technologies. And governments will charge us for registering the new car and for the treatment as waste of the old.

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