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Homeowners install record number of green energy upgrades

Looking to stay ahead of the renewable energy curve, recent reports suggest that homeowners have been installing a record number of green energy upgrades in their homes. From energy-saving solar panels and air heat pumps to battery energy systems, homeowners are opting to use cleaner, greener energy more than ever before. With the government striving to reach its Net Zero ambitions by 2050, there is now a wide range of grants for eco-friendly energy upgrades available to every homeowner. Read on to discover the types of upgrades you could consider.

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Solar panel installation

Solar panels are reaching new heights of popularity this year. According to the Guardian, solar panel installations have reached a peak with a record number of homes going ahead with installation. Solar panels convert natural sunlight into electricity, allowing homeowners to reduce their reliance on the grid and use up to 60 per cent of their energy from solar power. This means a real cost saving alongside incredible environmental benefits.

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps in Gloucester and the wider UK are also being installed more than ever before as savvy homeowners seek to cut crippling energy costs and consider an eco-conscious alternative. Air source heat pumps work by drawing in outdoor air or warmth from the ground and converting it into heat in a similar but opposite technique to an air conditioning unit. An air source heat pump can heat your entire home throughout the winter, meaning you can wave goodbye to your gas central heating system and expensive gas bills.

The UK government has recently offered a grant so that homeowners can make this vital switch, with £5,000 to £6,000 grants available for installation depending on which area of the UK you are in and which type of heat pump suits you. For those searching for air source heat pumps Gloucester, an internet search will produce multiple results.

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The trend of this green energy boom looks set to continue, with more government support on offer than ever as homeowners take heating and powering their homes into their own hands.

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