How pollution can turn healthy soil into Brownfield Land

Previously healthy soil that has become contaminated with pollution, is underutilised or abandoned is classified as Brownfield Land.  The presence of a pollutant that is considered harmful to Human Beings, livestock or the environment is the difference between Greenfield and Brownfield Land.  This potentially deadly situation with the soil and the land can be rectified with the use of professional  Land Remediation Services.  Typically, the soil has become contaminated in one of three ways, Chemically, Biologically or Physically and is usually caused by an unfortunate accident.  Solvents, hydrocarbon spillages, pesticides, lead, petroleum, and asbestos are all examples of possible contaminants.  The land could have previously been used for building commercial properties such as factories, gas stations or a dry-cleaning establishment.

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To ensure the contaminated Land is safe for human habitation again the soil must be thoroughly assessed and cleaned.  The highly experienced and professional Team that carry out this complex soil cleaning process uses the most sustainable, appropriate and practical techniques especially designed for this type of complex operation. Stringent Health and Safety protocols must be adhered to and consistently changing legislation must be understood and precisely followed.

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Having all the necessary skills to perform such complex cleaning operations takes years of training and experience.  This dedicated, elite Team of consummate professionals can facilitate this procedure from the initial thorough investigation through to the mandatory final assessments and Health and Safety checks.

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