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5 Key Hacks for an Economical Honeymoon

The process of getting married can be compared to a wedding cake. There are many layers in terms of organization, not all the interested parties will like every segment of it, and its costs can vary.

Another similarity is that both the wedding organization and wedding cake come with a little cherry on the top. For the wedding itself, this pinnacle is the moment when the bride and the groom say ‘I do’. Still, there’s another pinnacle for the bridal couple – the honeymoon. When everything is over, you can travel somewhere for a few days to spend some quality time together. Now, let’s see how to do it without wasting a fortune.

1)    Planning months in advance

Just like any other travel, your honeymoon needs to be planned months in advance. If you leave it for the period after the wedding, you’ll still be under the impression of the reception and ceremony. When emotions are still running high, you might not choose the most reasonable option, price-wise.

On the other hand, planning your honeymoon a few months before it takes place brings certain financial benefits.

Firstly, you can get some cheaper plane tickets when you book them months before the flight. What’s more, some websites offer honeymoon travel packages. This could leave a few cents more in your pocket.

Secondly, you’ll have time to buy some clothes for the honeymoon in the meantime. Buying clothes a days or two before the travel means ending up with more expensive things that you haven’t chosen carefully.

Finally, you can plan the exact date when your honeymoon starts and inform your boss on time.

2)    Choose a low season

When we’re talking about a frugal honeymoon, it’s important to stress out that the time of the year also plays a huge role here. Late spring and late summer are the two high wedding seasons on the Northern hemisphere. In those two parts of the year, everything related to weddings is a bit pricier than during the rest of the year.

Even if you decide to get married at the end of summer, you could go on your honeymoon in early winter. A practical hack is to go to a destination on the other side of the world or in another climate. For instance, there are some attractive destinations to visit in January. So, try to think outside the box and spend your honeymoon in an alternative place.

3)    Avoid packing too many things

Physics is a precise science – the larger the volume, the harder the maintenance.

In other words, organizing an economical honeymoon includes packing a reasonable number of things. From luggage expenses to taxi fees, you can save more money if you don’t overdo with suitcases.

Also, it’s easier to move and visit several places with a limited number of things. Some couples decide to put together their wedding itinerary alone. By doing so, they avoid various fees and expenses that travel agencies calculate for their travels.

If you belong to this group of travelers, it’s even more important to stay reasonable with your luggage. The honeymoon should be about experiencing new things together while visiting new places. While clothes and belongings are necessary, reducing them means spending a more relaxing and economical honeymoon.

4)    Set the landmarks in advance

No matter if you’re a solo organizer or you choose a honeymoon trip from a travel agency, set the landmarks you want to see before you get there.

As for agency arrangements, bridal couples usually have a tourist guide at their disposal during their stay. It’s good to know that you have someone to turn to in case of emergency. Still, the process of learning more about different places is a beautiful bonding activity for a new bridal couple. You’ll learn something from each other and find out more about the other person’s interests.

These criteria should be taken into account when you’re choosing your destination in the first place. Write down your expectations from the honeymoon location and plan your trip accordingly.

For instance, you might want to see the US. Narrow down the number of places you’d like to visit to stay rational with money and time. If you choose Texas, you can check out how they organize their weddings. So think about visiting San Antonio or spending a night or two at a wedding venue in Houston on a rustic ranch.

The honeymoon is also about gaining new cultural experiences so plan your destinations in advance.

5)    Negotiate along the way

When you’re planning a wedding trip, bear in mind that nothing is set in stone, planning-wise. In line with that, try to negotiate the terms and conditions of your honeymoon travel.

If you’re traveling via an agency, ask for a discount if you pay everything in cash before the honeymoon.

Bridal couples who plan their honeymoon themselves have even more room for negotiations. Both online and on the spot, try to cut the expenses wherever possible. The same goes for airport transfers and other short trips along the way.

Also, check out if you can get any local tourist cards for discounts. Hotel managers, rental agencies, and other relevant service providers are often open to giving discounts to honeymooners, as well.


Planning a honeymoon should be an enjoyable activity but only if you approach it properly. Leaving everything for the post-wedding period might be a bad choice. If you plan your honeymoon simultaneously with the wedding ceremony, you’ll save more money along the way. From the honeymoon destination to the means of transportation, you’ll have more options at disposal.

What’s more, you can book some attractive accommodation to ensure that it’s not sold out by the moment you get there.

Finally, don’t hesitate to talk to service providers and get more economical offers for your honeymoon.

James Barnes

James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events. When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.

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