How to entertainment the first Christmas as a couple

Christmas has come again, but this year has a special flavor since it is their first Christmas as a couple . How to entertainment it? The first parties with your partner are very important, a moment in which there are some changes that you must face with the best Christmas spirit so that Christmas is a success.

The first months in a relationship are full of trials and difficult moments that must be overcome to see if a solid couple has really formed and if you can entertainment everything you can get in the following years.


first Christmas as a couple

It is common for each person to celebrate Christmas with his family , a tradition that has been going on for years and that could never seem to change. However, the perception could suddenly falter when a couple invites another to spend the Christmas meal with their family. Do not panic, it is normal that at first it is somewhat complicated to assume that the traditions will change, but the family has changed, it has expanded.

Family dinners will be a little different now that you will share them with your partner Family dinners will be a little different now that you will share them with your partner

The most common is to divide the days of Christmas meals and dinners in both couples. In this way, one year you can make the Christmas Eve dinner with one part of the family and the Christmas meal with the other, and keep this tradition in future years or simply change each year. In the case of families living in different cities , the equivalent option would be to spend a year with each family. At the beginning, it is possible that some of the families do not like the absence of someone in a meal that is already tradition, but it is something that will entertainment and accept with the passage of time.

It is also common for many couples to separate during Christmas to spend those holidays with the family and, when these are over, to come together again at home. This method is perfect not to break with family traditions and there are also many cases in which spending a few days apart can strengthen the relationship. Conversely, if one is in a very close relationship in which it is hard to spend a few days in the distance, it is best to decide with which family each event should be made.


entertainment the first Christmas

If it is the first year of the relationship and you have not yet met the political family, you should ask if a Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas meal is the best time to meet them. It is true that it is very common to present the couple on these dates, but the time can be somewhat uncomfortable if the only support at the table is the couple, who will probably be that day more aware of their family. The couple should be offered the option to have a drink with their family or to meet them before dinner , this way they will begin some conversations that can be continued during the Christmas holidays, especially if they end up sleeping and spending a few days at home of the other family.


entertainment the first Christmas as a couple

Christmas is to show happiness and unity. However, there are times when this rule may not be met if there are issues in which confrontation may arise or even small problems between family members who do not get along. But at Christmas it should be done as if nothing was happening, both for the good of the family and to enjoy the most pleasant parties possible. Therefore, if someone takes a controversial issue , you have to bear in mind that you are taking it out with your family and in a comfort zone; but that is not your comfort zone, you do not know the weak points or forbidden topics of the family and it is better that you avoid entering this area if you want to continue having a good relationship with your family after Christmas.


the best first Christmas

If you have chosen to spend the Christmas holidays separately and it is the first time that you separate so many days from your partner, you must be strong and endure that distance . It is normal to feel that something is different when you are with your family once you have become accustomed to being with your partner. It will be a strange sensation, on the one hand happiness to be able to enjoy a Christmas like always and, on the other, sadness to be away from your partner. You must think about the moments you spend and how good you are together, those moments are what make the relationship go forward. Christmas parties are to enjoy and enjoy a few days with family, without worries.


top  first Christmas

You can take a detail when you arrive at the house of your partner’s family . The most recommended is that it is something that the whole family can enjoy, such as a bottle of a good wine or cava, a bouquet of Christmas flowers or a small detail for the children of the house. The important thing is not to risk too much to not enter dangerous terrains, there are objects that anyone likes and that are a safe gift , opt for those. When you ask, the family will say that it is not necessary to take anything; but not for that reason you should not do it, a detail will always be a pleasant surprise.

Tips for the entertainment  First Christmas as a couple

the first Christmas as a couple


If you have never spent a Christmas in a relationship, be careful not to create too many expectations about it. Do not think that everything happens as in the movies in which the couple kiss under the mistletoe and open the gifts together by a fireplace. It can simply be a nice few weeks without needing to imagine yourself perfect.


If you are going to have a lot of free time at Christmas, you may not have all the money you need to make all the plans you have in mind. You also have to think about this in your partner. Also many times we have less time than we think. Nobody likes to work or study at parties but it is usually normal.


Precisely because of the previous advice it is best to make a list with the things you want to do on these dates of celebration. You can organize the money that both your partner and you have and the days off . Perhaps it is better to organize everything in advance, although it may seem a little exaggerated, but it will be easier and better for the relationship.


Why not? Everything depends on how you see it. These days of celebration are often used by many couples to present to the different members of the family. A meal with the family for example. However you must be careful. Maybe the big family meals are not the best time for presentations. You may get to feel somewhat uncomfortable. Also, it does not have to be almost an obligation to know your partner’s family these days, you can decide to wait and there will be no problems. However, it is best to discuss it between the two so that there are no misunderstandings.


You do not have to be ashamed, it is normal for members of a relationship to make gifts at this time, but it never hurts to talk about it before. It may seem somewhat materialistic but it can free you from many discussions , or at least, from anger and displeasure. You can comment first if you are going to do or not give gifts, when to give them and something about the budget. You do not need to say a specific amount, simply the ideal is to be something similar so that neither of you have a bad time. In addition many times it counts more the detail than the gift itself , do not forget it, a nice gesture of love can be a great gift.


There are thousands of plans that you can enjoy at Christmas , you just have to look for them. In your same city, there is a great variety of offers. From sports activities to a beautiful restaurant. You can also make typical Christmas plans such as visiting a market or strolling around seeing the lights of the center of your city.


It can be a great idea if you both have a few days off. It is not necessary to take a plane and go out of the country, there are precious places to know where you live that you are probably closer than you thought and you have not visited them yet. The rural houses are a perfect option for these days. Relaxing with your partner around a fireplace can be cheap and a perfect plan.


the first Christmas as a couple

Between meals, Christmas shopping and activities maybe you are forgetting to dedicate some time to yourselves. A movie plan on the sofa is also a great idea for these days of celebration. It does not all have to be spending money, sometimes spending a relaxed time together is much better than all that. Love is seen in the small details of this type as well.


If Christmas is remembered for something besides the gifts is for food. They are dates in which food is usually the center of our lives. Therefore, a good option may be to decide to cook together. We do not ask you to make a turkey in the style of Thanksgiving, you can start with some simple Christmas cookies. No matter the result, the important thing is that you spend time together.


If your partner or yourself have lost a close relative these dates can be a bit complicated. For this reason it is important that you support each other, that you trust, that you open up in these days as sadness will be easier to carry. They can be wonderful days to get closer than ever and get to know each other better. Without dates in which people normally need more love than ever, so if you are in a relationship it is a perfect time to give and receive that love.


We talk about days like December 24 and 25 or the end of the year night . These are days of celebration that we usually spend as a family. If we are in a relationship, it is normal to talk about these days, to see if you are going to spend them together or not. It may be that neither of you believes that you should spend that day without your family , there is no problem you can see after the typical dinners or even other days. It always comes right to the relationship to get closer, that an important date like this you are together but you do not have to worry or be sad that it can not happen. There are many days in the year and you can enjoy your partner in many moments. Still, it always comes well and try to give in for at least one day of these being together.

Finally, it would be good if they give birth to a Christmas tradition together, such as sending postcards to your loved ones or decorating your home with decorations made by yourselves. Keep in mind that the Christmas decoration of your new home is very important to create a warm and welcoming climate for you and those who visit it. In the house of yours or in the house of mine? This is a typical problem in couples. Do not let this decision ruin your Christmas, the ideal would be to take turns to go one Christmas to the house of one’s family and the New Year’s dinner, in the house of the other’s family. In case it is a very difficult decision, they can be divided for dinner or better yet , have dinner in their own house and then leave for a visit.

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