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The most typical food of Madrid in the world

The most popular dishes from Madrid. Typical food of Madrid is one of the most popular in Spain. The Spanish capital offers its visitors a varied cuisine rich in fresh products from the region and from different parts of the country.

Madrid is the city of bars, tapas with capital and the confluence of gastronomy in many areas of Spain. If you are in the city of the bear and in the maladroit, you have to get lost in Quechua, there Pei street is succulent for all those who want to try tapas with a modern touch and try delicious gastropods; The Malagasy area and its famous Dos DE Mayo square is another perfect and cheaper option. Pompano street is vibrant and you can find very good alternatives to enjoy tapas and in the Plaza Mayor area, you will surrender to savor some fantastic pastas braves or delicious squid sandwiches. And the gastronomic markets, what would Madrid be without them? San Anton or San Miguel are some of the most representative. Thousands of square meters devoted to the best of gastronomy in the capital of Spain. We will discover together what is the typical food of Madrid..

What to eat in Madrid

Madrilenian main dishes

most typical food of Madrid

Among all the typical dishes of Madrid, the most prominent is the cocci madrigal, ideal to drink in the cold months of winter. It is a very consistent dish, since it consists of 3 parts: soup, chickpeas and meat, so it usually stands as a single dish in the lunches.

Another very appropriate food to warm up in winter are the tripe to Madrid,  made with the waste of the slaughter and that in Madrid are cooked wonderfully (not in vain this dish has been eaten since 1560). When meat could not be eaten (as in lean season or shortage), it was replaced by cod, giving rise to the famous chickpea stew.

According to some authors, the 3rd dish of Madrid par excellence are the garlic soups, an honor that is disputed with the snails in Madrid.

Typical food of Madrid

food of Madrid in the world

And what are the delights that Madrid’s cuisine hides? Many and very rich. The tasty marinades , Madrid stew classic, tripe, the garlic soup or fried eggs are some of its most famous dishes. If you want to open your mouth, here we pay our tribute to some of the most representative bites of the most traditional cuisine.

Cooked and from Madrid

Madrid stewThis is one of the delicacies that puts Madrid’s cuisine on the map. This succulent spoon dish is perfect to combat the dry winter cold. It consists of soup, chickpeas and meat. So the bacon, the Councillor, the chicken, the potatoes and the carrot are the protagonists of this dish that is finished by sprinkling a garlic rolled and fried, in little oil, as a final icing.

Squid sandwich

The calamari sandwich is a very emblematic meal of Madrid, and rare is the bar where it is not served. It is simply a sandwich whose contents are the calamari a la roman.

Squid Sandwich Madrid

best food of Madrid in the world

Take one of them, accompanied by a beer, is one of the many small pleasures that can be experienced in the capital of Madrid.

Gallinejas in Embajadores

The reddish are nothing more than fried, hot and crispy entrails of lamb. Usually, they are accompanied by salad and cold beer to eliminate the intense flavor of the meat.


The corns are part of the intestines of the pig, ox or cow, and is another specialty of Madrid’s gastronomy. They are prepared with tomato, onion, bay leaf, thyme and a little black pudding.

Garlic soup

top food of Madrid

One of the old popular dishes is undoubtedly the garlic soup. It is prepared throughout the Spanish territory and is made of very simple ingredients: bread, garlic, olive oil and paprika.

Starry eggs

One of the most complete body dishes in Madrid, consisting of fried eggs with potatoes and Serrano ham.


Small portions of appetizers that accompany the appetizer, usually made by a cold beer. A long sandwich similar to baguettes, fried calamari stuffed with a cut-shaped ring and seasoned with a little lemon or mayonnaise. Perfect for a quick meal while walking through the streets of the city. The best tapas are savored in Madrid.

More than starry eggs

the food of Madrid

SausagesIt seems a simple dish but to achieve its sublime flavor we must have the necessary raw material. And this is where Madrid shines. The sausages are some of their great treasures. So a good ham, a tasty chistorra or a quality black pudding are the best accompaniments to a potato base, well fried and in good oil. Do not forget to accompany with bread!

A classic in San Isidro

Spanish tapas There is no bar blackboard in which another of the quintessential Madrid succulents does not appear, the gallinejas . It is a Castillo and traditional dish, famous during the celebrations of San Isidro. The snacks are served in small pieces fried in a soft oil and eaten, for example, accompanied by French fries. From this preparation are other delicacies such as pork rinds or gizzards that can also be served in the same dish.

Snails with a Madrid accent

Madrid snails They appear in all the bars, taverns and restaurants. And no, we are not in Seville. In Madrid the snails like it a lot. Presented in an earthenware casserole, their secret is the sauce that accompanies them, made with concentrated meat broth with ham, horizon, onion, wine and a spicy touch. Rich, rich.

Touch sweet

cheers Madrid would not be Madrid without the delicious batons at breakfast . And do not confuse them with churls, another delicacy that is served in cone. The truncheons are much more elongated, thick and its interior is hollow. In addition, another difference is that the mass of the latter is made with bicarbonate and its preparation process is slightly different. Without a doubt, you can say that you have been in Madrid after having had a coffee with a truncheon.

Madrid stew

discover food of Madrid

It is one of the most representative dishes of Madrid’s gastronomy. It consists of a stew composed of chickpeas, vegetables, meat, pork bacon and some sausage. Originally it was a humble dish, consumed mainly by the lower classes and later, thanks to its offer in restaurants, was penetrating in all social strata.

It is one of the most popular dishes in autumn and winter, when the body calls for stews and pots to regain strength.

And Madrid, for dessert

French toast It is also sweet. The Madrid kitchen offers pastry snacks very simple to prepare. Of humble origin, the Astoria are one of the most traditional desserts . In addition, you will find in numerous local, modernized and more complex versions of this exquisite bite. In order to take advantage of the bread of the previous day, in the XIV century this recipe emerged that consists of nothing more than soaking the slices in milk and batter with egg. Then pass the slices through the pan and sweeten with sugar, honey or cinnamon. A delicious dessert! Of course, we can not leave Madrid without tasting their donuts. With or without a sugar bath, they are part of your local recipe book.

French toast

As typical sweets of the region we wanted to contribute to our particular gastronomic journey about  what is the typical food of Madrid  delicious Astoria. It is hard bread breaded in milk or wine and coated in egg, which is then fried with plenty of oil in a pan. It is usually sweetened with sugar or honey and decorated with a little cinnamon. They are typical of Lent and Holy Week.

Grilled ear

As regards the most typical tapas, the grilled ear is undoubtedly one of the most representative. It consists simply of serving a portion of pig’s ear grilled on the grill, natural or in adobe. It is usually cooked with garlic and parsley and is usually accompanied with a spicy sauce.

Finally, the streets of Madrid smell like frying in vegetable oil, a potato omelet, chopsticks, churls and squid sandwiches. But Madrid’s gastronomy is not just that and today in Sh Madrid we want to pay tribute to the traditional cuisine, the stew and spoon and the tapas culture. Madrid is a happy, lively city, where its bars and restaurants are full of life at any time of the day. Madrigals like to go out, walk, eat and drink, in short, enjoy life. And its gastronomy is a reflection of all this, of its people and their desire to live. If you want to do with us a review of the cuisine of the capital and know what is the typical food of Madrid.

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