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Despite its short time span, Charmed remains a popular hit among its viewers, making it a well-followed television series. While massive fans are well-informed about its storylines, only a few can pick out interesting facts about this show. Listed are some remarkable details privy to a select few that will be worth a read.

It Showcases Some Elements of the Wicca Religion

While numerous shows will often focus on mainstream religion, Charmed deviated from this path, introducing Wicca to its storyline. This inspiration relies heavily on the original, with elements such as spell casting and ritual objects borrowed from this often-forgotten religion. It, however, infuses modern elements, with showrunner Brad Kern opting for a new direction. The reboot introduces a scientific edge and multiple universes for relatability with its current audience.

A Crossover Between Two Worlds

While an actual crossover of the characters between the original and reboot was not possible, the latter certainly does link to its predecessor. The remake refers to the original show in its finale, after the three sisters, Macy, Mel, and Madison, find themselves outside the Halliwell mansion. This is a significant cliffhanger for the franchise, with fans hopeful there may be a crossover if the show is renewed. Whether this works or not, the link is a special connection as the two worlds finally align.

The Sisters Share Similar Powers

The sisters still possess similar powers to their predecessors, with the power to freeze and move things with the mind retained in the new show. Additionally, Macy is distant as the show starts but is later brought into the limelight as the series continues. This also, in part, pays homage to the original storyline, depicting some influence and a massive nod to the original characters.

While the two shows have a few similarities, the reboot tags on the lighter side rather than the overly dark script. It makes it more palatable to various audiences as it seeks to stay true to the initial show while also paving its path.

The Book of Shadows Was a Handcrafted Work of Art

Few elements are synonymous with the Charmed franchise, with the power of three being one of them, followed by the Book of Shadows. Contrary to what most viewers might expect, the book is a handcrafted masterpiece painted by select artists. The charmed ones often refer to this book for guidance when casting spells, making it one of the most significant pieces of the show.

A Shift to an All-Female Production Team

While it is clear that the show focuses on female empowerment from its headlining characters, empowerment is also live behind the camera. Renowned producers such as Amy Radin, Jessica O’Toole, and actor Gina Rodriguez are some of the visionaries behind Charmed’s production. This move has paved the way for a more balanced industry, with the entertainment world known, unfortunately, for limited opportunities and biased roles on and off-screen.

Charmed remains a classic that the fans can enjoy at any time of the season, whether you are interested in humor, magic, or a touch of sisterly love founded on diverse strengths and weaknesses. It balances storytelling with relatable issues, showcasing female empowerment in a new light, with the above unique twists creating an even more exciting show.

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