Dragon Ball: how old is Goku so far?

Many of the Dragon Ball fans knew the anime when they were children and today, many of them are already adults and also parents; the years go by one, yes, but by Goku too? Because even as time passes, he still looks as young and powerful as ever.

Of course, this is because he is a character and could be young for 10, 20, 30, 100 years, for the duration of the franchise; but within the current events of anime and manga, how old is he? Many more than it appears, without a doubt. Since being a Saiyajin, a warrior race, his body ages much slower than that of earthly humans.

According to the official Dragon Ball chronology, Goku was born on the planet Vegeta in the year 737; later he was sent to Earth in a story that we already know backward and forwards. Dragon Ball Z begins when he is 20 years old, in 757, the same year that Gohan was born. This anime concludes with the Buu Saga, and the hero here is already 37 years old.

When Dragon Ball Super starts it is revealed that four years have passed after Buu was defeated. Now the Earth lives in a period of peace and even Goku has a job: he is a farmer. But the awakening of the God of Destruction, Beerus, in 778 brings him back to fighting. The age of the Saiyan at the beginning of Super is 41 years old.

In the year 780, events such as the appearance of Goku Black and Zamasu, and of course. The Tournament of Force, which Goku faces with 43 years, takes place. In 781 Broly arrives on Earth with Freeza and his father, Paragus; and it is also when Moro escapes from the Galactic Prison, travels the Universe absorbing energy, and faces Goku and Vegeta on Earth, where he is finally defeated.

Currently, the manga is entering its new arc: “Granola, The Survivor”, which begins “a time after” the destruction of Moro, but it does not seem to be years, but months, so we are probably in the year 782, in which Goku would be 44/45 years old, his current age in Dragon Ball Super, taking as a reference the year he was born.

Of course, he would be physically younger, taking into account that he spent eight of them dead (one in the Saiyan Saga and seven between Cell and Buu) and he spent four days / four years in the Room of Time, one in the Cell saga and three before the Champa Tournament. So, his physical age is 41 years old.

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Reviewing, the current age of Goku in Dragon Ball Super is:how old is Goku

45 years, taking into account the date of his birth.

41 years, subtracting the eight years that he spent dead and adding the four that he spent in the Room of Time.

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