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How to clean Velcro

Lint or threads of clothing, dust, animal hair, hair, and much other dirt can get caught on the Velcro reducing its ability to grip. By cleaning it regularly, especially on the part with small hooks, it will regain its capacity. Here are some techniques that allow you to easily and effectively clean scratch closures.

Clean velcro with fingernails

This technique is undoubtedly the simplest since it does not require the use of materials. Nevertheless, it turns out to be quite tedious.

To do this :

Lay the Velcro strip with small hooks flat on a table ;

Pinch off all small dirt  with your fingernails;

Do not hesitate to scratch to remove the most stubborn residue.

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Clean the velcro with adhesive tape

Easier, the use of an adhesive tape is just as effective.

Simply :

Cut a strip of adhesive roll the same size as the palm of your hand to prevent it from sticking to it;

Install the catchy side of the velcro flat on a table;

Hold one end of the velcro with your hand;

Apply the adhesive roll strip to the Velcro with the other hand;

Remove the latter and repeat the operation if necessary.

Clean the velcro using tweezers

The tweezers also allow the velcro to be thoroughly cleaned. However, it is necessary to go there gently so as not to remove the small hooks.

The process:

Install the velcro flat on a table;

One by one, grab the encrusted dirt between the hooks.

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Clean the velcro with a toothbrush

The use of a soft bristled toothbrush is effective in cleaning a hook and loop fastener.

The steps to follow:

Lay the velcro flat on a table;

Pass the toothbrush over it to attract any small dirt that has lodged there.

The velcro cleaning should be done at least once a month. It is advisable to apply an antistatic solution to prevent dirt from easily clinging to it. When machine washing, it is also recommended to assemble the Velcro parts.

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