Top 15 essential menswear for winter

You are still in time to buy some of these essential menswear for winter. In this season it is better to have a closet well prepared for low temperatures. Meet with your store to buy branded online clothing which are the basics. When you are uncomfortable and shaking from the cold you do not look well. No matter what you are wearing. But, you should never sacrifice comfort or your body heat just to look good. What you should do is adapt your outfits to the coldest weather.

A good parka, a pair of sturdy boots and some accessories will help your body stay warm. If you are looking for new items to add to your wardrobe or replace some that you already have, this list is ideal for you.

#1. A parka ready menswear for winter

essential menswear for winter

In the colder months you will need to always have a good jacket on hand . That does not leave you. Your closet should include at least a good parka or jacket to keep you warm. Think that this should also contribute to your style and help you to see yourself much better.

#2. Boots for the cold

best menswear for winter

These months you do not have to see the weather forecast to know that it will be cold. Depending on the area where you live, it may rain or snow. And to protect your feet from these weather conditions you should have good boots.

#3. Jacket type shirt

This model of jackets is much softer and lighter than traditional ones, but thicker than button-down shirts. What makes them an excellent option for the colder months.

#4. Dark jeans

top menswear for winter

This is not an exclusive piece for the colder months, in fact, it is necessary in any male wardrobe every month of the year. A man’s wardrobe is not complete without a pair of dark jeans.

In addition, in winter there is a tendency to use dark colors, and thicker fabrics. So a jeans of shades like dark blue or black will be an excellent piece to combine. They are very appropriate for the season.

#5. A vest

The vests are an excellent piece to dress in layers in winter. They will look great on a sweater or a shirt-type jacket.

#6. A wool hat

It is said that we lose much of the heat of our body by the head, and therefore it is important to cover it well in winter. You could wear earmuffs or a simple hat, but it’s not a bad idea to add some more style with a good wool hat. For a more masculine look it is recommended not to wear hats with pompoms, tassels or “beautiful” elements. They will detract from your style. A normal cap, with regular tones, will be a symbol of masculinity and maturity.

#7. Technologically friendly gloves

The gloves will be the best allies to protect your hands from the cold. But, if you are one of those who are constantly checking your mobile. And, you have to put on and take off your gloves at every moment, the technologically friendly gloves will be your best option. This type of gloves has special fabric at your fingertips, which allows you to use touch screens without having to take them off. You will find them in wool, leather, among other materials.

As general rules before buying gloves take into account that they cover you from the cold, that they do not absorb moisture and that they do not look like mittens.For men, the most serious and elegant option is leather . They protect your hands well and are a classic.

#8. Wool coat

the menswear for winter

The parkas and jackets are ideal for the most inclement weather, especially when it rains or snow falls. But wool coats are an excellent option for the most pleasant days of winter, to cover you when you go to the office or to a more formal event. As a general rule, woolen coats are used when it is cold, but there is no inclement weather.

#9. Scarf that stands out

Cover your neck with style this season. You can use some neutral colors such as blue or gray, or you will also find them with stripes. Anyone will do their job well and allow you to see yourself better. The scarves besides protecting you from the cold give a special touch to your look and you will see much better.Take into account that when you are outside in winter you will wear a coat, probably a neutral one. Then, the scarf gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. It prefers bright colors, but avoids neon shades. scarf men winter

#10. A good jersey

As you well know in winter, the best way to dress is in layers. So you can protect yourself from the cold and be comfortable . To get a good look with layers it is best to have a good jersey, which also allows you to keep the cold at bay. There are many styles and materials to choose from, you can choose classic wool, even cashmere which is much more expensive.The shawl neck sweater is the most popular currently. But you can also use them V- neck, round neck sweaters or a small zipper on the neck. Everything will depend on your tastes.

#11. Suede or suede moccasin

This type of material and shoes goes very well with winter. Combine with almost any type of clothing, whether jeans or casual pants type Chinese. You can even wear them with dress pants to give them a more casual look. As with the wool coat, they are recommended for cold winter days, but without extreme weather conditions. That is, if snow falls or it rains, they are not the most recommended.

#12. A suit made of thick cloth

a menswear for winter

Like the rest of your wardrobe, the suits you wear must adapt to the change of season. If you wear suits to work or go to formal events, you can opt for fabrics such as tweed , flannel and wool for both the jacket and the pants.

#13. Long underwear

If you know that you will be away from home for a long period, in extreme conditions, whether it is doing sports or visiting a snowy mountain, consider buying long underwear. Choosing the essential menswear for winter you can protect yourself from the weather and look good. You will not have to sacrifice your style this season.

# 14 Check shirt

menswear for winter tips

A must for a couple of seasons. With all the boom of hipster fashion menswear for winter the plaid shirt that was already in the wardrobe of all the boys, it was definitely crowned as a garment that can not be missing in our collection . This winter season will continue wearing this type of shirts, whether they are more formal with smaller pictures or more casual with larger pictures. The colors here will be the ones that we like the most and it is appropriate to have at least three of them of different colors to combine with different pants and not always carry the same one every Saturday only because it is our favorite, so you can go alternating to always cause a good Print.

# 15 Blazer

We love this item and for that reason we believe that it can not be missing in your wardrobe . It is what we might call an “American” , usually have two buttons to close it, leaving the chest exposed. Remember that either two or three buttons, the bottom button never closes , it is a question of etiquette, as we mentioned in the guide of the suit  and the mistakes that should not be made when dressing . Later we will post a blog post with tag details like this one. At the moment tell you that with this garment you can make formal more informal looks , it fits almost everyone because it makes us look more slender due to the small shoulder pads that usually carry and leave the abdomen fitted which makes the chest Look more “bloated”.

In addition, due to the great variety of colors, they make them ideal to be able to choose a different one on each occasion. It is a must for every man who wants to give an elegant touch to his way of dressing and provides an attitude of security .

Finally. The menswear for winter, is accompanied by a very striking and sexy campaign, with images of the clothes that Free soul proposes for winter, much black in a winter collection that promises to look great to today’s modern kids , and a lot of denim that can not be missing in any collection that claims to be very current. Comfortable jackets and jeans in great designs, shirts and pullovers, as well as very warm jackets for the days of wind and cold, are what make up the menswear for  winter Free soul.  And some leather clothes for guys who like the most daring fashion, although I already tell them that Free soul is a collection that everyone will want to have in their winter clothes.


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