What You Need To Know About Stargirl Before Starting Season 2

Superhero shows and movies are everywhere these days. Though it can seem like overkill to some, fans of the genre know that there’s no limit to the depths these kinds of tales can reach. This has been proven by one of the more recent successes: “Stargirl.” Based on characters and stories created by DC Comics, “Stargirl” has recently entered into season 2 and has been giving audiences a serious ride of thrills and twists. If you’re interested in jumping in, now is the time to binge the first season. Before you do, take a look at a few general points.

Who Is Stargirl?

If you’ve never heard of Stargirl before, you’re not alone. Though a popular character in the comic scene, Stargirl had not yet received much of a larger treatment outside of cameos in a few shows and animated series. That has all changed now, however, and many people want to know about the origins of this spunky and tenacious teen hero. Originally created by Lee Moder and Geoff Johns in 1999, Stargirl was introduced as Courtney Whitmore, stepdaughter of Golden Age superhero sidekick Stripesy. After learning about Stripesy’s past, Courtney took on an interest in the hero lifestyle.

During her earliest days of publication, Stargirl would team with her stepfather as he donned a giant mecha-suit and went by the name S.T.R.I.P.E.S. The comic series “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.” followed their exploits in the town of Blue Valley, Nebraska, which proved to be a source of inspiration for much of the television series.

What Is the Cosmic Staff?

In “Stargirl,” Courtney Whitmore’s origin follows closely to that of her comic counterpart. A main difference, however, is that she discovers the Cosmic Staff when uncovering her stepdad’s identity. In the world of DC Comics, the Cosmic Staff is one of several devices connected to the heroes who have taken the name Starman. Since the 1940s, there have been a number of characters who have used this name. In the 1990s, the bearer of the name and staff was Jack Knight, son of the original Starman. It was Jack who would pass the staff to Courtney upon his retirement. 

Though there has not been a mention of Jack Knight in the television series, it stands to reason that he could come into play in some capacity. The character was immensely popular among DC fans in the 90s and early 00s, meaning an appearance on screen is more than likely. 

Who Is Stripesy?

Stripesy is another obscure character that most people were unfamiliar with prior to “Stargirl.” By Stargirl Season Two, however, audience members know a lot more about Pat Dugan. In the comics, Stripesy was a hero of the Golden Age, meaning he fought alongside soldiers and heroes during World War II. He would serve as the sidekick to the Star-Spangled Kid, become a member of both the Seven Soldiers of Victory and All-Star Squadron, and eventually rejoin the world of heroics later alongside his stepdaughter when she adopted the name Stargirl. The two currently serve as members of the Justice Society.

Whether you’ve already watched the entirety of season 1 or you’re getting ready to begin, there’s lots to learn about “Stargirl” before you dive in. Take time to read a few comics and get psyched for all of the heroics and surprises that are in store.

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