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Try this Level-Up Crochet Technique

For the more experienced crochet crafter, there is a wealth of new techniques, finishes and patterns that can be learnt and practised, to give a new level of design and interest to even the most basic of projects.

New Techniques

If you are a seasoned and avid crocheter, adding new skills and techniques to your repertoire can be a fun and rewarding way of spicing up your completed crochet projects. One technique to try is bead crochet, which results in beautiful, glimmering pieces, with tiny beads adorning the surface of your finished pattern.

Whilst this technique may look complicated and intricate, it is very simple to learn. Anyone who is confident in completing a simple double or treble crochet stitch will have no difficulty with it.

Taking the time to thread tiny glass or plastic beads directly onto the yarn before you start your project leads to stunning results. From bead-adorned toys to fashion accessories or homeware, adding beads creates a unique and completely bespoke design.

Beads slide close to the crochet hook as the crochet project progresses. The beads can then be secured into place, usually with a slip stitch or a single crochet stitch.

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Most projects contain elements of both beadwork and crochet. However, it is also possible to complete projects with very little emphasis on the yarn itself.

Crochet Kits

Crochet kits are an easy and convenient way of starting and completing a crochet project. They come fully equipped with everything a crafter needs, from yarn and a hook to instructions and a pattern. For a full range of crochet blanket kits and other crochet project ideas, visit an online specialist such as For those who are already skilled in the art of crochet, it is quick and easy to add some sparkle and bling with the addition of beads.

Other advanced crochet techniques include Aran crochet, fillet crochet and basketweave crochet. These all produce beautiful results and an added dimension to crochet work. There is a wealth of information online for anyone looking to expand their skill set.

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