Tips for Buying Maternity Clothes

There comes a time in pregnancy when you can no longer use your normal clothes. The body changes, the belly and the chest will be bigger and you will need clothes that give you support and comfort. Follow these tips on buying maternity clothes that bring you.

How long can you use your clothes?

At the beginning of pregnancy, you can use the same clothes as always. But, in the second trimester, the changes in your body will be noticed more and you will start to need bigger garments.

Each body is different, but it will be inevitable that after that moment you have to change the wardrobe and start wearing clothes for pregnant women. Although there are garments that are versatile and will serve you for longer. For example, skirts and pants with an elastic waist or baggy dresses like Pepe Jeans Vega Dress.

Tips for Buying Maternity Clothes

These can serve you for a while so that you are more comfortable. Especially during the first months in which your usual clothes stop serving you, but the maternity one is still too big for you. Also, the blouses or wide shirts will fit you longer.

One of the frequent doubts of new mothers is when buying maternity clothes. The moment you have to change will be marked by your own body. When you stop being comfortable with what you have in the closet or the clothes begin to tighten you have to change. However, do not wait until this happens to start looking for what to wear for the rest of the pregnancy. When convenient, go shopping to have what you need on hand at the right time.

Tips for buying maternity clothes

It is normal to ask questions such as which models you should use, what kind of fabrics are recommended or how much to spend on maternity clothes. For this reason, we want to give you these essential recommendations to wear during your pregnancy.

Take advantage of your usual clothes

It’s what we told you above, you do not have to go out and buying maternity clothes at the moment you find out about your pregnancy. In the beginning, you will not have important changes on the outside of your body and it is not necessary to hurry.

Keep using the clothes you have in the closet, as long as it is comfortable and does not press your belly. The dresses, blouses, and skirts you can wear regularly. Even jeans can serve you for a long time using waist adapters. These are accessories that allow expanding the waist area of pants and skirts.

You could also move the buttons off your clothes to make them wider. But when you return to your normal size you should readjust them again.

Tips for Buying Maternity Clothes

Make a list before going out to buy

Check your wardrobe to find out what you can keep using and make a list of what you will need in the coming months. It will depend on several factors such as your style of dressing and the time of year when your belly will be more prominent.

Organize the list taking into account what you need for each stage of pregnancy. In the first phase, you do not want to buy anything for the last two months, because you do not know how your belly will be by then. Avoid buying everything at once, you must do so gradually.

Wear sports clothes

Sportswear is comfortable and will be your best ally at any time during pregnancy. You can take advantage of it when you are at home or go out to do your errands or for a walk. You may not want to take her to work, but at other times of the day, it will help you feel better. It will also help if you decide to take prenatal classes to prepare for the birth.

Arm your closet bottom for pregnant women

Prepare your wardrobe background with basic clothes for pregnant women . Include it in your list of priorities before going shopping.

Among the items, you must have are the tank tops. You can use them alone or under blouses to vary their style a bit. Ten of various colors, a white and a black are essential. Same with the pants, you must have one of each of these colors. They will serve you to use them on different occasions.

For parties and formal occasions, you will need a black dress. This is a basic for any woman and during pregnancy is no exception. For work, you will need dress blouses. Buy in neutral colors so you can combine them with different accessories.

With these clothes, you will not have to ask yourself what clothes to wear during pregnancy.

Tips for Buying Maternity Clothes

Use natural fabrics

Cotton garments and other natural fabrics are the most comfortable for expectant mothers. They are softer to the touch and allow the skin to breathe better. In addition, you will find these materials in any style of clothing.

Avoid buying synthetic clothing, especially underwear, because these can increase perspiration and, therefore, make you feel uncomfortable.

Buy versatile clothes in neutral colors

Your wardrobe will be more limited during the months of pregnancy and spending a lot on clothes that you will only use for a while is not convenient. The solution to this is to buying maternity clothes in neutral colors, which you can combine with each other and with different accessories to get different looks.

It is also necessary to have clothes that accompany you during the different stages of pregnancy. Maternity pants, for example, dresses or blouses. Clothes that you can continue using as your belly grows.

Tips for Buying Maternity Clothes

Do not forget the maternity underwear

From the fourth month of pregnancy the breast will begin to grow, so you need to change your usual bras. You will have to buy one or two sizes larger than what you use.

When you’re in the last trimester and your breasts are much bigger, buy maternal fasteners. These will give you the support you need and will make it easier for you to nurse your baby. It is a good investment because you will continue using them for a while after pregnancy. Look for fasteners that do not have rings or tightening parts and strong straps.

Something similar happens with the panties. As your waist grows, those that you use regularly begin to tighten and annoy your belly. Buy some maternity, to hold your belly to avoid discomfort.

Invest in comfortable shoes

During pregnancy, the feet also tend to swell and increase one size. Your usual footwear will feel uncomfortable, so buy a larger pair for these months. Leather shoes are an excellent choice.

The most recommended shoes for pregnant women are those with a broad form and a low heel. Consider that high heels can make you lose your balance, choose ones that three centimeters, do not buy flat.

Tips for Buying Maternity Clothes

Keep in mind the date of birth

The last of our tips to buy pregnant clothes is to calculate the date of birth of the baby. This will indicate the months of the year in which your belly will be more pronounced. In this way, you can buy suitable clothes for that time. If you are going to give birth in July you do not need to buy coats for pregnant women.

How to save when buying maternity clothes

You already know how to buying maternity clothes, now we will tell you how to save when buying it. During this stage the couple will have important expenses such as visits to the doctor, the room and the clothes of the baby, to name a few. Therefore, you do not want to have to spend a lot on clothes that you will only use for a short time.

First, prepare the budget for what you are going to spend. This way you will make purchases more controlled and adjusted to what you need.

By using the clothes you have in the closet you are already saving some money. But the time will come that you will have to go shopping. When so, keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Buy only the clothes you need. Maternity clothing is usually expensive and, in addition, you will wear it for a short time. So it’s not worth spending on a lot of clothes that are going to end up in the closet. Buy little, but buy well. That is, invest in versatile clothing that you can use during and after pregnancy. You will get different styles when combined with accessories.
  • Do not buy everything at once. The emotion of pregnancy can make you want to go out and buy everything you think you need at once. Take it easy and invest gradually. As we said before, you do not know how your body will look after, so it’s better not to get too far ahead.
  • Ask for borrowed clothes Surely you have a friend, sister or sister in law who has given birth. For the same reason that maternity clothes are rarely used, you can take advantage of them and ask them to lend you something that they used during their pregnancy.
  • Find clothes that you can regulate. You will find many items to which you can adjust the size to use it for several months. These represent a significant saving in the budget.

We hope that these tips about buying maternity clothes will be useful. If you have any other recommendation to do, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

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