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How to make fire without matches

If you usually travel to the forest and on more than one occasion have forgotten to carry a lighter or matches, here you will find 3 different ways how to make fire without matches. So that you will not be unprepared again.

How to make fire without matches?

How to make fire without matches


Although it is used a lot in movies or cartoons, it is usually the most difficult way to create fire, because you must make sure you are using the right kind of wood. Probably if you like nature, you will know how to identify at least two of the trees whose wood is ideal for creating fire: poplar, willow, cedar, cypress, walnut, and juniper.

Once you find a tree of one of these trees (that is, the piece of wood that you will use to turn and generate friction between it and a wooden base), you must make sure it is completely dry. Otherwise, it will not work turn on.

It will be easier for the spark to remain if you have some dried herbs around. As you know, dry leaves facilitate the spread of fire, so it is better to have it controlled to prevent your fire from spreading. This small nest can be formed from dry leaves, dry grass, and tree bark.

Then make sure that the wood has a hole in a V shape so that it is possible to fit the wood with which you will make friction. Place your pile of dry grass around the hole in V so that it does not get in the way of friction.

Once you have all this at hand, take a piece of wood of approximately 60 centimeters and place it on the base to start rotating it between your hands. It must move quickly in a circular motion. You must continue this movement until a spark is formed.

Finally, you only need to blow lightly to start the flame as soon as you start to see sparks or a little smoke coming out of the friction point.

How to make fire with stone and steel?

fire with stone and steel

You may have remembered to bring matches, but if they become wet, they will lose their function and serve the same as if you had not worn them. To avoid this, try to bring stone and steel, it is a slightly easier way to make a fire.

This combination can also be done with quartzite (hard stone containing quartz) and with the blade of a razor. You can additionally use “char”, a cloth that has been charred, or simply use a piece of mushroom or tree.

Take the stone between your thumb and forefinger-try to make it a medium-sized stone so you do not hurt your fingers and place the char or the piece of tree or fungus nearby. Then you just need to hit the stone against the steel repeatedly so that the sparks fall on the char and a small flame starts.

It is recommended that this piece is placed in a dry grass nest to keep the flame longer.

How to make fire with a lens?

fire with a lens

Remember to bring a magnifying glass or a pair of glasses to each trip, because these could save you and help you create fire in case you do not have any of the other materials at hand.

You simply need to focus a lens to give it sunlight and direct this beam to a specific point. If you put a little water in the lens you can intensify the beam. Once you have determined the area where you focus the beam through the lens, place a nest of dry grass so that the fire starts there.

The disadvantage of this method is that if you remember to do it until night, it definitely will not work, but you can start it in the afternoon and just keep it so that nightfall does not surprise you in the dark.

As you can see, these are simple ways to start a fire in case your lighter or matches do not work on your trip to the forest, or in case you need to create it elsewhere.

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