Why men aren’t taking initiative in a relationship?

If you are reading these lines, surely it is because you have been dating a guy for a while and, apparently, everything is going well between you except for one thing: that you always have to be the one who pulls the reins of that relationship. If you want to know the answer to your question, we recommend that you continue reading this article. Here, we explain why men aren’t taking initiative in a relationship.

That is to say; it is always you who organizes your appointments or the one who calls you or even the one who always starts a conversation by instant messaging. It is normal that if this type of situation occurs, you can not avoid asking yourself the question and live together.

Why men aren’t taking initiative in a relationship

There are many reasons why a man does not take the initiative with another person. It is because he does not like you very much or because of lack of interest, among other reasons.

He does not like you enough

He does not like you enough

One of the main reasons why a man does not take the initiative is because he may not like you enough to have that interest in you. It is possible that he is dating you because you look like a very pretty and interesting girl, but he does not have a stronger attraction towards you. That is why when you tell him to stay, he accepts the appointment because he has a good time in your company, but if he does not stay with you, he will not miss you either.

Sometimes, love is so unfair and however much a person may find it interesting. We do not get stronger feelings for her. If you find yourself in a situation in which a boy does not take the initiative because he only wants you for a while, it is best to stop seeing him as soon as possible. Little by little you could develop stronger feelings for that person and have a hard time because that man can not correspond to you in the same way.

Think that you do not like him

Think that you do not like him

Another reason why that man does not want to take the reins of your relationship is just the opposite of what has explained above: that you like a lot, but think that you do not feel anything for him.

Some people feel fear of being rejected (especially if their previous love experiences were somewhat traumatic), so if they do not notice many initiatives or interest from the person they like towards them, they discard the option of having possibilities with that girl. For that reason, as they think that if they throw themselves, they will take a sentimental blow, they decide directly not to take any step with the girl they like.

If you think that this is your case, the best thing you can do is give him some sign that he likes you too. In this way, you will trust your possibilities and little by little you will have more initiative with you.

Not ready for a stable relationship

Not ready for a stable relationship

Among the reasons why a man does not take the initiative with you, there is also the possibility that he is not going through a good time to start a relationship with anyone. This does not mean that you do not attract him or even feel something strong towards you, but he does not want to take any step with you because he is going through a bad personal moment. Such as a sentimental break, the death of a loved one or a layoff, between other things and has right now, as a top priority, recover slowly to return to being the same as before.

In this case, the only chances you have are either to let it be and turn the page or to be patient and wait for that guy to be ready to be with someone again. However, if you make this decision, it is important that you reflect beforehand if it is worth or not worth waiting until he wants to take the initiative with you.

very shy man

He is a very shy man

Some men do not have an initiative with the girl they like because they are extremely shy people. This can be seen if when you are with you follow some of the following guidelines:

He babbles when he speaks: If he stutters or every minute he gets stuck when he speaks, he is nervous in your presence. Follow the tricks to say “I love you”.

Excessive sweating: Another symptom that makes you very nervous with you, is that when you try to talk to yourself, you get to sweat excessively.

Overreacts: To hide their shyness, many men try to talk more than usual or gesture in an unnatural way to get your attention.

He looks at you a lot: If during the conversation this boy cannot stop looking at you, it means that he likes you very much.

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