Fashionable Accessories For Women In 2019

It is impossible to overestimate the role of accessories, which are usually attributed to small items of clothing, bags, and jewelry, in creating fashionable images. As a rule, it is these stylish additions to the basic wardrobe that can turn the same dress, suit into a strict office bow or into the perfect outfit for a party, going to the theater, meeting friends. Women’s handbags, scarves, hats, necklaces, and earrings add extra charm to their owners, shading of the color of their skin and hair, making their eyes sparkle, adding zest to the look. What fashionable accessories do designers offer for women in the winter of 2019? What is definitely worth to fill up a trendy wardrobe to always be in trend?

Fashion Accessories For Women In 2019

Stylish women’s scarves of the season winter 2019

This year, leading fashion houses have focused on fur accessories. Delicate necks of female models are decorated with scarves made of artificial and natural fur of all sizes and shades: fluffy and not very long, resembling necklaces, cozy, like teddy bears, and luxurious, like arctic foxes. As always, fashion designers leave women plenty of choices: you can combine the shades of a scarf and clothes or play on the contrast, choose provocative colors or universal classics. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

The same can be said about alternative materials: woolen and knitted accessories do not give up their positions.

Fashion critics note the following trends:

  • the collections are dominated by scarves and snoody large knit neutral shades;
  • the longest models are distinguished not only by pastel tones but also by the minimal relief of the pattern, as in the photo below.

Fashion Accessories For Women In 2019

Fashionable accessories for the winter: hats

In the winter of 2019, fashion houses offer girls to replenish their wardrobe with fur hats and berets of all stripes. Caps made of natural and synthetic fur are distinguished by a variety of colors and shapes: here are hats, and earflaps, and classic rounded models, versions with long fluffy and short shorn fur. The trend berets are exquisite wool models decorated with beads, beads, colored embroidery and laconic leather goods in the Gothic style.

Lovers of casual style should pay attention to knitted beanie hats, models with large and textured, viscous, free-form, nice items with fur pom-poms, earflaps made of tanned sheepskin with floral embroidery.

Fashion Accessories For Women In 2019

Headbands for women

Headbands – another trend smoothly transferred from the summer to the winter season. Silk and chiffon shawls were replaced by warm woolen and fur products. Designers decorate dark and monophonic women’s fashionable accessories with rhinestones and beads, and bright colored and fluffy fur dressings do not need an additional shine.

Fashion Accessories For Women In 2019

Fashionable women’s handbags winter-2019

A bag for a woman is not just a fashion accessory, but a kind of talisman, a treasure chest with all the essentials. And no matter where the girl is going, to work, to go for a walk, to a party, to go shopping or to the theater, the bag should be stylish, beautiful, comfortable, roomy, combined with an outfit. These winters for women leading fashion designers have prepared a lot of interesting surprises. On the catwalks, bags of any size can be found, ranging from huge bounty shoppers with leopard print and comfortable totes, to elegant round bags with tiny handles, magic caskets in Elizabethan style, soft models with floral embroidery and shiny space clutches.

Fashion Accessories For Women In 2019

The most stylish belts and belts of the winter season

Belts and belts are still in trend. Women of fashion can emphasize a waist and decorate a modest dress with a bright and large accessory from leather or textiles. It is worth noting the obvious trends: designers offer to give expressiveness to the figure and image due to the wide leather belt (at least 5 centimeters wide), a thin leather belt or a metal chain. A wide men’s belt with a buckle is worn with jeans and dresses, long shirts, and sweaters. A soft wide leather belt is tied with a beautiful knot or even a bow, which gives femininity to dresses and tunics.

Chains-belts with pendants and without, decorated with feathers, beads, combinations of several thin chains will decorate any dress, monophonic, colorful, from transparent chiffon and linen fabric. Examples of fashionable images with current accessories in the photo below.

Fashion Accessories For Women In 2019

Gloves – one of the most fashionable women’s accessories for winter-2019

Every woman tries to keep her hands warm in winter, and for our latitudes, mittens and gloves are not just a beautiful accessory or a detail of an image, but an obligatory element of the wardrobe. On fashion, podiums presented a wide range of warm leather goods, fur, sheepskin. Long gloves-leggings reach to elbows and above, are perfectly combined with jackets and fur coats with short sleeves. The collections of fashion houses are dominated by plain leather and textile accessories, mittens made of sheepskin, suede, trimmed with fur, decorated with embroidery and appliqués. They are competing with fur and bright knitwear with cheerful patterns.

Fashion Accessories For Women In 2019

Fashion jewelry for women

No modern lady cannot do without stylish jewelry and jewelry. And which of them will be in fashion this winter, read below!

Massive necklaces, pendants, and beads – the main trend of the winter of 2019

Jewelry such as large and unusual pendants on thin chains, beads with large beads, necklaces from massive elements, designers suggest combining with plain and colorful dresses, sweaters, shirts, and delicate flying blouses. The main trend is that the decoration should be noticeable, attracting looks in size, color, shape or design. Pendants can be made in the form of transparent crystals, from steel and geometric alloys, from textiles, leather, bright stones and wood.

Some necklaces resemble macrame, others attract the attention of ethnic and even Indian style: dark beads are combined with black feathers and light metal. Metallic beads replaced pearls, decorations with transparent decorative elements resembling bubbles look strikingly and stylishly, and modest chokers designers offer to decorate with emblems and inscriptions.

Fashion Accessories For Women In 2019

Large and multi-layered bracelets

The most fashionable accessories in the winter of 2019 were large, catchy and massive bracelets. They are worn with winter clothes over their gloves, and with business suits, and with evening dresses, combined with everyday looks. Compositions from several chains of different thickness and weaving remained in the summer season. In winter, preference should be given to a large, covering the wrist and part of the brush with metal, leather and enamel products. Wide bracelets of multi-colored elements, metal with pendants of feathers, leather with chains in knightly style and delicate products resembling painted porcelain – you can choose an accessory to any image and mood, as in the photo below.

Fashion Accessories For Women In 2019

Luxurious rings and asymmetrical earrings from different sets

Designers recommend combining large rings and rings this winter with each other or with similar bracelets. You can wear several rings on one hand and even on one finger. The glitter of metal and stones will decorate elegant women’s hands and will not look like mauve.

As for earrings, girls are offered to combine accessories from different sets, but designed in the same style, color, and design. They can differ in size, geometry, even one earring in the ear, but always catchy, is considered the latest trend. There is also a tendency for long chandeliers with a floral ornament and flowing chandeliers: in such jewelry, any girl will feel and look like if not a princess, then a queen.

Fashion Accessories For Women In 2019

Different styles, materials, design, colors, and decor of fashionable accessories for the winter-2019 season do not limit you in choosing models for every taste and occasion. Imagine, select and create new images in accordance with the latest trends and your own dreams!

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