Suit for men– Choosing the perfect male suit is usually a somewhat complicated task. However, if you do not give up looking impeccable each time you wear a pair of pants and an American, pay attention to this article of beauty for man write down these 6 tips to know how to choose a suit for men.

Tips to know suit for men

the suit for men

First of all you should know that each type of suit is made for a different occasion. However, not everyone has different costumes to choose from in each situation. Therefore, if you want to look like a ‘brush’ every time you wear a suit for men. But lately you have difficulty finding something that suits you really well in men’s clothing stores, pay attention to these simple tips. And you will get to choose the suit perfect for you:


The jacket of the suit for men is, basically, the hanger on which you will wear your silhouette. Therefore, it is important that this American is well framed in the shoulders. Always ensuring that the shoulder seam falls at the junction between the collarbone, arm and shoulder bone.

As for the shoulder pads, in case the jacket takes them, you must remember that these are inversely proportional to your figure. Therefore, men who have a few kilos more, should opt for the small shoulder pads, while the slimmer, can choose a jacket with more prominent shoulder pads.


Regarding the lapel of the jacket, fashion experts recognize that this part should fit snugly around the neck, avoiding wrinkles. Or spaces between the lapel and the neck. In addition, it is recommended that it stands between 0.5 and 1.5 centimeters.


top suit for men

A blazer, jacket or jacket that fits well should always have the first button just below the waist. If you want the jacket of the suit  to fit you. It is better to button the first button and let the second one loose.

In addition, you must remember to unbutton the jacket whenever you are going to sit down so that the suit will continue to be perfect, even in this position. The taller and leaner men can afford to wear a double-breasted suit for men, since these types of suits fit better in the more stylized silhouettes.

To know what is the perfect length of the jacket, you just have to stand up, straight, and put your arms and hands straight down. At the point where your thumb falls, that’s where the length of the suit jacket should arrive . But if you have a rather low stature, it is advisable that the jacket is a little higher than where your thumb is located.


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The length of the sleeve often sowed many doubts when buying a man’s suit. The best rule to get right is, when you try on the jacket, to bend the arm at a 90 ° angle. Here you should check that the fist is just on the wrist and that the shirt protrudes at least an inch from the sleeve of the jacket.

Openings in the jacket

Most suit for men jackets or blazers always have an opening or two in the back, which can be located in the center or on both sides. You should know that the opening of the jacket in a suit is not mandatory. But that the suits that carry it in the center, tend to look more formal. While those that wear it to the sides, are more casual or casual outfits.


choose a suit for men

Finally, if you want to always be fashionable while your costumes never stop being trend. Then do not hesitate to opt for dark colors, such as charcoal gray, navy blue or black. In this way, in addition, it will not seem that you repeat suit for men. If you know how to combine it with different shirts and ties. In addition, we recommend that you know the different types of tie knots for your shirts with which you will surprise others.

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