The cuddly nature of a Ragdoll cat

Ragdolls are not only confined to a child’s play doll made from material with wool for hair, they are in fact a breed of cat and a very beautiful cuddly breed.  Their beautiful piercing blue eyes make them perfect for displaying on

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As a breed, ragdoll is relatively new to the cat world, but their popularity soared almost immediately. They are a medium sized breed with long fluffy coats that can be found in a variety of colours including tortoiseshell, tabby, chocolate, seal and many more. The fur around their neck areas forms a ruff similar to a mane on a lion, but shorter and they have what is known as knickerbockers around their legs. You often find that their feet, tails, ears and nose areas are dark shades of fur than on the rest of their body and the silky quality means that you just want to spend all day stroking them.

The personality of this type of breed is one of playfulness and affection. They often remain kitten-like for around five ears which is what makes them great family pets. Although like most cats they don’t appreciate a change to their routine or environment they are general easy-going and very placid animals. Ragdolls are very attention seeking and will often follow their owners around the house and will be seen trying to involve themselves in any children’s play that is going on. Eager to explore and play they will be the first ones to start playing with any toys or stimulating items that you leave around the house for them.

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As incredible social creatures you will often find them curled up with another pet in the house or on the lap of one of the people in the house. They also like to be picked up and will go floppy in your arms hence the name ragdoll. This is very different to other cat breeds who will try to wriggle away if you pick them up for a cuddle. Ragdolls have an overriding desire to be in your company and will almost put up with anything if it means that have company and affection.

One important thing to consider when looking at this breed is the need for regular grooming to ensure their fur stay healthy and silky and that the occurrence of knots is reduced greatly.


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