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How to use drain rods

Blocked drains are a common problem and one that requires an immediate fix to prevent further problems or damage. The most common tool used to treat a blockage is the drain rod.

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Sewers are only designed to take waste from baths, showers, toilets, and sinks, including tissue and human waste. When anything else enters the system, such as sanitary products, food scraps, and oil or fat, a blockage can be caused.

Using drain rods

A high-quality set of drain rods, gloves and a pressure hose are the required tools for unblocking a drain.

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Secure and attach the drain rod and use it to sift around the debris. This should be done in an anti-clockwise twisting motion, which allows you to measure the depth of the blockage whilst shifting and probing it until it is easier to manage and has a more pliable texture.

Once this has been done, a pressure hose can be used to wash away any remaining silt or mud that is clogging up the drain. The hose should be aimed at the drainage reservoir, blasting the mud away from the canal until the water runs clear.

Drain jetting

Unblocking drains and pipes with rods can be a complex task; what’s more, there are risks involved, such as the rod becoming lodged or broken whilst in the drain. You may also be unsure as to what is causing the blockage, making it harder to diagnose the best tools to use for the job.

Drain jetting Slough and the surrounding areas is a professional service that uses high-pressure water jetting technology (HPWJ). The jets break the blockage into small pieces, allowing them to pass through the drain easily. Whether you require drain jetting Slough or another part of the country, this service is often offered on a 24/7 basis with emergency call outs available.

Sewer and drain jetting services can also be used as a preventative measure to keep drains working optimally, while regular gully cleaning and oil interceptors can help keep your home or business protected and functioning.

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