The 10 countries with the most attractive men

We selected the 10 countries with the most attractive men. In these countries live the most beautiful men in the world, with very varied features, but all beautiful.

They say that beauty is in the one who looks more than in what he looks at. We could not agree more with this, especially when it comes to determining which countries are the most attractive men.

Everyone has an idea of ​​beauty and who for some represents the most handsome man, for others it may be the opposite. What happens with the appeal is that it does not always depend on physical appearance, but that the charisma and attitude can considerably increase the fact that a boy looks more handsome.

However, in The Feminine Guide, we encourage you to make the list of the countries with the most attractive men, highlighting the diversity to satisfy all tastes.

The 10 countries with the most attractive men

We, women, have suffered enough due to the stereotypes of beauty that are established for us, making us think that only by seeing ourselves in a certain way are we beautiful, when, on the contrary, it is diversity and authenticity that gives beauty to people.

We will not do the same with the men in this list of countries with more attractive men, in which we want to highlight the different types of beauty that our diverse planet has to offer. In no particular order, we present you to the 10 countries with the most handsome men and we hope you will be encouraged to visit them so that you can admire the beauty that each one of them has to offer.

1. Englandmost attractive men

The English always appear when we talk about countries with more attractive men, and it is that just by naming David Beckham, Charlie Hunnam or Tom Hardy, we realize that England is the birthplace of some of the most handsome men. The truth is that the English have the charm of the knights of the time and that style and bearing, whether blond or dark, makes them look extremely handsome and stand out from the rest.

2. South Koreamost attractive men

From the Asian continent, the Koreans sigh to more than one, not only for its unique beauty that the Asian features bring and for its perfect skin but for the attitude with which they walk and the good taste and style when it comes to dressing. This and much more make them a set of virtues worthy of being among the countries with more attractive men.

3. Denmarkmost attractive men

When we talk about the beauty of Scandinavian men we think first of Sweden, but the truth is that Danish men are something much more special (and rarer, it is a very small country). His blue and gray eyes and blond hair will not be the favorite of many, but if you mix it with his height, his broad shoulders and that Viking virility that runs through his veins, Denmark becomes one of the countries with more attractive men.

If we add to this the culture they have and the beauty of their country, surely your next vacation you will want to spend in Denmark.

4. Brazil

Brazil is one of the richest countries in terms of types of beauty; Blondes, morenos, mestizos and much more is what we can find in Brazil, both in men and women, so it is not unusual for them to always appear in the countries with the most beautiful men in the world.

But in addition to those physical features that make them incredibly sexy, Brazilians have that fierceness that comes from their Afro roots and that cheerful spirit so characteristic of Latin American countries, which increases their appeal even more.

5. Germanymost attractive men

Returning to the land of blondes and tall we arrive in Germany, another of the most attractive countries in Europe and the world. The Germans, in general, are men of agreement and high with faces of strong features, which makes them look much more masculine.

Sometimes that serious look away from some is what makes us look much more attractive, they have that “bad boy” aspect that attracts us so much. In any case always with a bearing and a way of walking that leave you breathless. Have you noticed Max Riemelt or Johannes Huebl?

6. Lebanon

The Arab men also have their place in this list, because it is impossible to deny that the strong chins, the marked and populated eyebrows and the glances of those deep eyes are to be enjoyed. It is enough to walk through the streets of Beirut to leave your heart on every corner because Lebanon is one of the countries with the most attractive men in the world.

7.  Africa

In Africa is also one of the countries with the most handsome men, this is South Africa. There are those who consider that South Africans have the “perfect” male genes due to the great mix of cultures that this country has lived. The truth is that South Africans are not only attractive but feel most sensuous, 78% say the polls. A fact that shows that it is not only the physical but the attitude that counts in beauty.

8. Australiamost attractive men

There is a scientific study that affirms that male beauty is determined according to certain features, such as the marked jaw, height, well-groomed facial hair, symmetry in the features and eyes that have the ring around the iris well marked.

According to this data, Australians are one of the men who most possess these traits and, therefore, is some of the most handsome. Fortunately, Australia is a country as extensive as it is diverse and you will be able to find there blond, brown and many more men suitable for all tastes.

9. Venezuela

Another Latin country that is the birthplace of very handsome men in Venezuela. The prizes of masculine competitions that have won demonstrate it. Venezuelans are very attractive and seductive, not only for their physical beauty but for their masculinity, sparkle and Latin charisma that attracts us so much.

10. Italymost attractive men

No doubt these guys are still the most beautiful. Italy is one of the countries with the most attractive men par excellence, and not only because they are handsome, but because they are tremendously flirtatious and seductive.

Italians know how to dress, how to eat and how to talk writing a paper so that women are attracted to them. Their unparalleled style and bearing make them also one of the most elegant men, it is enough to just walk around Milan or the center of Rome to realize it.

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