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How To Wash The Frosted Glass On The Door?

When choosing interior doors, most often the buyer is interested in the production material and the subtleties of operating a particular model. To date, the range of interior doors is presented in a wide range, but the most popular products with frosted glass inserts.

How To Wash The Frosted Glass On The Door?

The disadvantages of frosted glass in the interior

Despite the aesthetics and elegant style of such interior doors, after a very short period of time since the beginning of an operation, many housewives may become disappointed. The fact is that pollution appears very quickly on the surface of the transparent inserts. This is largely due to the fact that the matte surface itself has a roughness on which dust settles and retains. If the care of a smooth surface of the ordinary glass is not particularly difficult, to clean the frosted glass from dirt, you will have to make some effort.

But this fact should not worry you especially sharply since today there are a huge number of different tools and materials that will help you to cope with this small problem. The article proposed to your attention contains both well-known methods of removing dirt from frosted glasses and unique folk recipes for dealing with stains left on glass inserts of interior doors. After reviewing the proposed recommendations, you can choose the most appropriate option for cleaning opaque glass in your apartment.

How To Wash The Frosted Glass On The Door?

Features of materials

Before proceeding with the purification of pollution, it is necessary to figure out what material is made a translucent insert in the door. It can be both silicate and acrylic glass. Before you start cleaning such a surface, you should know exactly what it was made of. The fact is that the means to remove stains and dirt differ in composition. Means for cleaning ordinary glass may contain components that will contribute to significant damage to the glass. For example, silicate glasses corrode from acetone or gasoline. Therefore, products containing these components are not suitable for cleaning such surfaces. In no case cannot be used to remove stains from frosted glasses household chemicals containing various acids, as well as silicone.

How To Wash The Frosted Glass On The Door?

Tip!  In order to clean frosted glass, in any case, do not use abrasive compounds and brushes with stiff bristles. During cleaning with dirt there is a possibility of removing the top layer of the factory spray.

Considering all the warnings, choose to care for frosted glass interior doors, only special cleaning products or proven folk recipes.

Folk methods of removing stains and stains from a matte surface

  • Acetic solution well removes all sorts of stains and simple dirt from the rough surface of the frosted glass. To prepare such a solution is quite simple. It should be in 1 liter of water at room temperature, add 2-3 tablespoons of ordinary table vinegar. Moistened in an acetic solution with a sponge or cloth, you can easily remove all stains.
  • Many experienced housewives recommend dealing with dirty stains with soap solution. It is quite simple to prepare such an improvised remedy: grate some household soap (1-2 tablespoons of chips) and dilute it with warm water. It is possible to wash the matte surface with such a means rather quickly, but then it should be wiped several times with a clean, damp cloth so that there is no whitish residue from the soap.

How To Wash The Frosted Glass On The Door?

  • Homemade ammonia spray also copes very well with various dirt on a matte surface. Immediately before harvesting, you should pour half a liter of cold water into a spray bottle and add 2 tablespoons of liquid ammonia. Spray the resulting solution onto the surface to be cleaned and wipe with a dry cloth – the glass will be perfectly clean. Also, this tool will protect the surface from dust.
  • To ensure that the semi-transparent inserts in the doors always remain clean, you should wipe them almost daily with a velvet cloth. This will get rid of dust settling and further pollution.
  • In order for matte inserts to acquire a characteristic pleasant shine, they should be rubbed with starch dissolved in water. For 1 liter of cold water, add 1 tablespoon with a slice of potato starch and stir. When excess starch settles to the bottom, moisten a napkin in the solution and wipe the glass surface.

How To Wash The Frosted Glass On The Door?

Frosted glass cleaning chemicals

It is possible to remove stubborn dirt from the glass surface with the help of household chemicals. Most often, the hostess, faced with a similar problem, use:

  1. “Mister Muscle”;
  2. Adj (Pril);
  3. GT-20 and others.

As for the means then with its help, it is possible to scrub only fresh spots left on the matte surface. But to fight with oily dirt you will be helped to handle dishwashing gels.

To remove stains from the surface of the glass inserts in the interior doors, you can safely use tools for cleaning glasses and mirrors. These can be either sprays or cleaning wipes soaked in glass care products.

Tip! So that there are no streaks on the surface of the frosted glass, it should be cleaned in the evening (after sunset). Direct sunlight on the wetted surface of the glass during cleaning provokes the appearance of difficult to wash stains on it.

How To Wash The Frosted Glass On The Door?

Whatever tool you choose for frosted glass, remember that you should take care of the surface regularly. Only with proper cleaning of the surface for a long time, you can admire the excellent view of interior doors with frosted inserts.

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