Why buy a home in Bath?

You might be wondering why to move to next. Perhaps you’d like to sample a city that’s not too big but still offers the kind of cosmopolitan life that you’re getting now. I can think of a very good balance and compromise that can be found and that is the city of Bath. There are many reasons why you would want to move to Bath as we shall see in a minute but your first port of call should be to an Estate Agents Bath like the ones at pritchards-bath who can provide you with a great service and introduction to this beautiful City and area. What is there that is worth your time?

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Bath is a city heaped in History. If you come to live here, then remember that there have been people dwelling on this site since prehistoric times. The reason they have come here is for the spring and spa that for centuries provided a source of cooling and some claim healing water due to its very high mineral content. This was used for bathing and drinking, and the fame of the spring brought the Roman’s to set up a city around them and the baths that still stand today.  It is worth a visit as soon as you can and there is a whole new spa built on the roof that gives you views of this spectacular city. The Georgians and Victorians were big on the whole healthy living thing and saw the spring as a place to rejuvenate as well as the Romans. The rich came and the city changed dramatically. You can see that fro, the incredible architecture that lines the city’s streets. There are examples of its glorious past everywhere plus there are little narrow medieval streets to get lost in. The town centre is a Mecca for shopping with established brands next to bespoke and boutique shops plus there are prestigious arcades and markets that have benefited from the Art deco period.

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Outside of the city there is the glory of the Cotswolds spreading out to the North and the Mendips down to the South West. You don’t need to go too far for greener though as there are plenty of parks in the city plus the National trust property of Prior Park offering some nice wide open space for you to room in.  Even better than that you can take a walking tour from the Racecourse around the whole of Bath and view its magnificent skyline. It’s a truly wondrous place to live.

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