6 essential jackets for the halftime

The raincoats, the bombers or the leather and denim jackets are the ‘must have’ for the fall, ideal options to create spectacular looks and with which you will not get hot. We share some essential jackets for the halftime.

The days of halftime create real headaches for not knowing exactly what settings to choose not to go cold, but not hot. The eternal dilemma is always: do I wear or do not wear a jacket? When the day is cold it is always a good option to do it, but in a little warmer days you think a little more and at night you can realize that it has been a complete mistake not to have taken one. For this reason, we tell you what are the six mid-season jackets that you must have so that you never have to go around again.

The essential jackets for the halftime


Over the years, the gabardine has earned itself to be one of the favorite pieces of halftime. And although this garment is more than 100 years old, it has never been forgotten. Many are the sets to which a raincoat gives them the star point and turns them into outstanding outfits. The trench coat, especially in the classic shades, is a very versatile option that can be combined with a look both street style and for a more special occasion without ever losing the style. It is essential jackets for the halftime.

Especially this next season, this garment will be one of the most expected to see on the street. The demi-season look of this autumn will star, without a doubt, the raincoat combined with classic mules. Dare with this elegant set that, moreover, is the most comfortable. The raincoat will save you from more than one hurry since you can resort to this coat for any occasion since it is one of the garments that have the most number of combinations. And is that with few, not to say no, the pledge is wrong.

DENIM IS ALWAYS PRESENTessential jackets

All generations, regardless of age or year, we will always have in common that one of our first acquisitions has been a denim garment. And there is nothing more basic and essential than skinny jeans or a denim suck. The denim jacket is one of the classics that we all have at the back of the wardrobe. In addition to being the fabric of trend par excellence, it protects from the cold the just in the stations of halftime and avoids that you have excessive heat. Of a more classic tone or with an extra touch of bleaching, it is the perfect garment to complete an outstanding look.

This season the oversize garments are worn, and the denim jacket is not saved. Get your essentials at halftime and create perfect ensembles. You can choose this jacket both on a daily basis with jeans. And a white basic t-shirt or for more special appointments with tight leather pants and an elegant top. A look of the riskiest, but with which you will triumph, would be to combine it with a cocktail dress and basic black stiletto heels. It is essential jackets for the halftime.


The leather jackets are one of the clear ‘must have’ of wardrobe. Classic black leather jackets are no longer the only option but have now been dyed in shades such as passion red or mustard yellow. This jacket has more combinations and goes more unnoticed than the classic denim jacket. It looks great on a variety of occasions, even in off-season looks and high-temperature days when combined with simple ensembles such as a strapless dress. Both with jeans and dresses are a great ally and is always a trend. It is one of the essential jackets for the halftime.

Mustard yellow was very fashionable several seasons ago, but now you can take a risk and choose a red leather jacket to set trends. The leather jacket is a real investment, once you buy one you will have it for several years. It is a garment that never goes out of style. And that you can always use when you do not know what to wear. The perfect look with this jacket would be combining it with high-rise jeans, a T-shirt and black or red heeled boots. If you still do not have a leather jacket. Do not delay in getting one to create ideal sets for halftime.


If the leather sucker has had a clear heir that is the bomber. This jacket, which became fashionable a few years ago, has positioned itself as another of the eternal essentials that most shines in the seasons of halftime. With the bomber, you can try the full range of colors, from burgundy red to military green or neon yellow. This coat is more appropriate for everyday occasions to complete the street style looks more fashionable. With jeans or a midi flight skirt, you can create a perfect ensemble. It is essential jackets for the halftime.


The blazer is one of the most elegant coats. And is another of the garments that do not pass the years. We must always have at least one closet bottom, either long or shortcut. This coat will be a trend this next season especially when presented with the dress cut. An ideal choice for halftime is the checkered blazer dress and white sports shoes. If you opt for stiletto heels, they will radically change the look and become the latest choice for a special event. It is one of the essential jackets for the halftime.

The blazer as a coat can be combined with all kinds of garments to create sets for many occasions. With a cowboy skirt with a flight, a basic vertical top and stiletto heels will have a perfect setting for an occasion that does not require protocol, but you want to be fixed. On the other hand, jeans in a mom-fit style and a red tank top. Along with a pair of shorts and a white blazer will be an ideal outfit for a long day of errands.

OVERSIZE SWEATSHIRTessential jackets

For those who prefer a more urban look, the oversize sweatshirt is a perfect choice. Classic colors or with crossover stripes are the ideal option to complete our sets at the same time they add volume to it. Combining an oversized sweatshirt with a pair of torn shorts. And classic white sports shoes, you’ll have a look that’s as simple, comfortable and trendy as possible. These last seasons, the sweatshirt has radically changed the concept to be exclusively linked to the most athletes to become one of the most used garments in a variety of sets. It is one of the essential jackets for the halftime.

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