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Five Office Design Trends For 2019

There are trends and fashions across many industries, and office design is no exception. Looking ahead to 2019, there are several notable ideas that look set to make it a memorable period.

Office Design Trends

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1. Clever Space

Space is evolving. The days of single-use space are past, and today we are using room more cleverly. All space is flexible. It’s collaborative. This year, we’re looking at ‘space within space’ more than ever before as the way we work continues to change. We’re working remotely more often, and there is a growing focus on connectivity with colleagues and communication as a result.

2. Environmental Influences

Across society, we’re taking a lot more interest in the environment in terms of what we eat, what we wear and how our goods are packaged, and it follows that this interest falls over into our workspace. The demand for biophilic design is on the increase, as we want to see more plants in our working environments. This can take the form of pot plants around the area through to planters or even ‘living walls.’ Allowing natural light into the space is also important.

Office Design Trends

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Many office fit out companies are being asked for more natural features to better suit our health and wellbeing.

3. Make a Statement

Be bold and use the office space to reflect the personality and values of your brand. That could be an injection of colour on a statement wall or matching accessories to complement your corporate identity.

4. Acoustics

Another element of communication is ensuring that workers in the space are able to hear well without being overwhelmed by background noise that can be distracting. Suspended displays can help absorb sound and add some aesthetic value too.

5. Wellbeing

Health and overall wellbeing will be a key concern for many employees, and thankfully many employers are taking note. This can take the form of standing desks and increasingly dynamic solutions for seating and working.

For more information on what the most fashionable offices will look like this year, see the article on Growth Business so you can approach office fit out companies with a good idea in mind.

If you’re inspired to update your workspace this year, start collating some ideas and get in touch with a designer to explore the ideas further and build them into a plan.

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