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How to get a better job

Are you looking for a better job? Have you sent hundreds of resumes and you do not get good results? We know, going out in search of a new job can often be exhausting. So you need a better job. But where do you start? It’s time to get up and go to work. That’s right, the best attitude you can have when you’re looking for a job is to treat your job search as a job. Yes, pretend that your boss has told you to go look for work.

Separating yourself from work will help you focus outward instead of letting your inner fears limit your efforts. There’s no time for “And if …” when you’re at work, right?

Top tactics that you must take into account to go in search of a better job:

a better job

Build a flashy resume. This is the first link between the company and you, it will depend on it that the person in charge of choosing the staff decides to have you in mind for the position.

In this case, you should design a resume that stands out from the rest, a design that is striking without being loud. As for the content: less, it’s more; use accurate and short data that correctly describes your professional skills. In this way you will achieve that the company can know your potential without requiring too much effort and time.

Feed your resume with complementary education. Companies are always looking for personnel with different knowledge, experience, skills and abilities that can add value to the organization. For this, you can complement your knowledge and / or acquire new skills that can highlight your profile among others.

An excellent option for this are virtual courses. You can find a number of options on the web that will undoubtedly help you get better job opportunities.

Update your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is one of the most used tools for those who are looking for personnel for organizations; You can find excellent opportunities if you have an account in this network. However, it is not enough to just create it, it is also necessary to update it, have an active presence and align the published content with your new goals and work goals. Check this Should I get a Part-Time Job while at University?

the better job

You can include keywords in your content to optimize your profile, so that you are easier to find when people are recruiting profiles like yours.

Think about what you want. You can make a list with your dreams or work goals. What position do you wish to have? What tasks do you want to exercise? In which companies would you like to work? In this way you can be more focused when going in search of new opportunities. In addition, you can also make a list of possible contacts or job boards where you can find positions that relate to that you want.

Tell many what you are looking for: Do not stop to think that in the company they will find out that you want to leave. If your position has a degree of relevance and what motivates you to leave is the salary compensation may offer you a better payment. But if you are a low profile employee then you should change the tactic, tell everyone who can but outside the company.

Focus on the future: Looking for a better job is to think about quality of life, if you feel the motivation to start looking for it immediately do not hesitate, or postpone it, finally you have the advantage that nobody is pressing you to give up, but it is born of your own initiative.

Choose a company of selection of personnel: Do not send your resumes to the classic portals of employment, but to a company of selection of personnel because they have agreements with companies that give specific guidelines on what they need in the jobs what are you offering.

Let yourself be “hunted”: if you are a professional with extensive experience and high profile, do not be afraid to contact a talent recruiting company to apply for the position you have always dreamed of.

Build your position: The world is not exempt from the existence of people who do not fit into any position in the companies, for them there is the possibility of inventing their trade, creating their own consulting office or becoming a freelance.

Travel abroad: When you feel that the city or the country where you work does not meet your expectations look for opportunities outside, there are people who can not be accommodated in some work sites because they do not find what they want in labor, if it is their case and has some professional title and experience do it.

Do not lie: the eagerness to leave a place sometimes produces that people begin to exaggerate or invent their functions within a company in the resume, be careful because now the personnel selectors investigate with more care the past of the potential workers.

get a better job

Focus on a goal

The first thing you should do to start looking for a job is to have an objective and focus on it. We know that for many people the fact of not having a job can cause stress and despair, but it is necessary to stay calm. Instead of starting to apply for hundreds of job offers, be clear about your goal. And how to do it? It is very simple: think of a job that makes you want, that corresponds to your academic profile or that requires skills for which you are very good.

With this in mind, you can start looking for a better job and make a list of those companies for which you would like to work. Contact them through social networks or Internet portals and request your vacancy list.

Apply for better job offers that correspond to your profile will make the search much easier.

Tricks to find work a possible job

best better job

A clear goal. Before leaving in a hundred different directions, think exactly what you want. Define your goal in advance, for example, ‘I want to find a job in marketing by [date]’. Giving yourself a deadline is a good idea because it forces you to stay focused. Make the deadline challenging but realistic, say three months, to find a job.

Identify your resources. These are the tools and people you will need to achieve your goal. For example, you could show your CV to your teacher to check it before sending it, mom and dad could ask their friends if they know of any available position, etc. You will also need a telephone, a computer, a laptop or a tablet and an Internet or data connection.

One strategy: Decide how you are going to get your job. This is your master plan. Sit down and think step by step how you are going to look for work. You will need a goal for each day, for example, “Contact 10 new companies a day, request 5 vacancies and send the curriculum vitae to a new contact with a personal note asking them to send their curriculum vitae.”

You will also need:

  • A CV that you can publish online in job portals such as P Net and Careers24. You should also send your CV by email to companies that you identify through research (searching the Internet) that employ people in your field.
  • Contacts that you can ask to find a job for you. Anyone who works in your field or in a company that employs people in your field is a good prospect. Send them your resume and ask them to send it to their department or HR manager.
  • Social networks: You will need a LinkedIn account. This is a free platform that allows you to create a mini online CV with search capability. It can be a very useful tool if used well. You can also post a small ad on Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends to share it.
  • Your own website: Have you ever considered creating a website about yourself? You can add photos from your portfolio and be really creative with the way you sell your skills. If you have the gift for it, you can create your own website at
  • Consider working for free. This may not sound like much fun, but it will give you a foot in the door. If you offer to help in a company in the department where you want to work only a couple of hours a day, you can show them what you are worth. Be confident and share your ideas with them. Soon they will offer you a better job.

Finally,  a few days from the end of 2018 and start a new year full of good things. This is the ideal time to set great goals, pose new personal challenges and accommodate better opportunities. Without a doubt, an excellent moment to examine your achievements, rethink them and, why not? Go in search of a better job. On many occasions, looking for a better job can be a difficult decision and a critical moment, however, doing so will allow you to improve your financial and personal stability.

Roger Walker

The writer of this article, currently manages his own blog moment for life and spread happiness and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.

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