How to be a soccer coach within short time

Have you dreamed of being a football coach? Would you like to convert your passion in your way of earning a living? Well, do not miss this article in which we explain how to be a soccer coach. So give us a few minutes of your time and note how to prepare yourself to live your dream and make your hobby, your future profession.

How to be a soccer coach?

If you want to be a football coach, do not forget that you must meet some basic and essential requirements to become a coach. Among them, it is required to have over 18 years and the certificate of Graduate School or the Graduate Certificate of Secondary Education. Did you get it? Well, then you have everything you need to train to exercise your passion in the field. Keep reading: Top 7 extreme sports

Levels of study to be a coach

To be a football coach, it is essential that you do training that is based on three levels and that each of them comprises a few teaching hours that must be overcome.

How to be a soccer coach

These are 3 levels:

Level 1: 455 teaching hours that prepare you to be a Baseball Instructor or an Elementary Sports Technician. If you want to train junior and junior teams of any category and sex, this is the course you need.

Level 2: You will have to take 565 teaching hours to be a Territorial Trainer or Base Sports Technician. If you choose this course, you will train any national team, as well as 3rd and Lower Division. But to take Level 2, you must have Level 1 before and have performed those functions for at least one year.

Level 3: There are 875 teaching hours with which you will get the title of National Trainer or Senior Sports Technician. With this level, you can train any federated team and selections. Before you must get Level 2 and have done the job of a territorial trainer for a year.

Requirements to be a soccer coach

If you want to be a football coach, do not forget that you must meet some essential elements to become a coach. Among them include:

  • Be between 18 and 60 years old.
  • Pass the required technical and physical aptitude tests.
  • Accredit the aptitude for the practice of sport and basic general sports knowledge necessary for the discipline.
  • Accredit the certificate of Graduate School or the Degree of Graduated of Secondary Education.
  • Approve the training course and the practical training to get the football coach title.

1-Understanding football

Part of the success of some coaches is that they were footballers. Hence, they understand what a dressing room is like, how egos should be handled, and how to manage the template. They know what it is to step on a football field and feel the emotion of anguish of a game.

They are essential experiences when directing because they will have empathy with their players (this is another quality).

It does not mean that to be a football coach. You need to have been a professional footballer. Mourinho is a great example. Having been an amateur or amateur player also serves to understand soccer. Or be passionate about this sport and have it studied. Even having grown up by the hand of a good football coach. Understanding the game is knowing what happens inside and outside a field, both emotionally and conceptually.

How to be a soccer coach

2-Ability to communicate

Of little use having the knowledge and experience necessary if you do not know how to communicate with the template. Having communication skills is essential to convey the message you want. Also, it is necessary to capture the attention of your staff and be motivated.

3-Character and personality

To gain respect, it is essential that a football coach has the authority to impose his concepts and that the staff abide by them. Only then can you transmit that the stated aim is reflected within the field of play and the results.

Also, in a wardrobe where there are many figures, and therefore high egos, this quality is vital. It will help you to manage the threads and prevent others from doing it. Being a football coach, you are the one in charge of the team.

4-Emotional intelligence

More than psychology, as some authors mention, we believe that it is fundamental to connect emotionally with the staff. It is difficult to decide who will be the holder and who will remain in the substitute bank. Or give rest to a sacred cow of the team. This will depend on the way you handle it so that your players understand it.

Nor is it easy to tell the team to go out and win, because everyone wants that. The key is how you do it. Johan Cruyff, for example, used the phrase “go out and enjoy,” while Guardiola said, “You Are already the best, but if you win, you will be eternal.” We all know how this story ended in Barcelona and how successful the football coach was. Continue reading: 7 benefits of practicing sports for children

5-Preaching by example

As a football coach, create your own rules, methodologies, and ways of working. For example, Guardiola was a separate case. He was obsessed with the players taking care of themselves, not partying and thinking 24 hours a day in football. Someone is not as strict with the schedules but if it is with the fat index of his players, he detests the fat ones.

But for your team to commit and pay attention to you, the example must lead you. You can not ask your player’s punctuality if you’re late. Or you can not ask them not to a party and you go out night after night. Show that you are the first one to fulfill it and that way you will get them to do it too.

learn from mistakes

7- Learn from mistakes

To err is human, any football coach can have failures just like their players do. Although risk with alignment can be settled with a bad result, the mister must be able to not fall into the same error. As a football coach, know that a mistake by you can frustrate all the work of a team. That is why you have to prepare the games in advance and not repeat previous mistakes.

8-Be proactive

If you want to be a football coach, foresee setbacks in the squad and have a solution for each case. such as the injury of a star striker, bad news that affects the mood of the team (like the illness of a teammate) … Faced with these problems, a good football coach must keep an ace up his sleeve to react. Therefore, you must raise all possible situations and find a solution in each one.


To be a football coach, you must also see for the future. Having the ability to detect which players of the lower categories promise. You can surely incorporate them into your template or prevent them from going to another club. And not only with the players of your team, but you must also see to sign in other clubs. The big clubs have their sports director and the network of scouts, but the mister has the last word.

10- Perseverance and exigency

Consistency and hard work are often the pre-school of successful soccer coaches. When a coach demands a lot on a physical level, the players, at the start, show reluctantly. But it is that physical fitness is basic to perform at the highest level. Like the tactic which has to work constantly to automate it. You also have to demand the maximum from your players. If you are too permissive and let your players train at half gas, then it will be reflected in the game. The rivals will anticipate all the balls divided, jumps …

11- Sports

As the saying goes, “At the table and in the game the knight is known.” The first thing a football coach should do is instill the famous fair play in his squad., football does not stop being a game, and therefore we have to compete with mutual respect. Know how to win and lose, and when the referee blows the final, bury the grudges of the game with a handshake.

12- Empathy

Creating a good atmosphere in the dressing room is essential to involve the players much more with the team. For this, it is necessary to know how to listen, be close to the players, assess their abilities, and transmit confidence. In this way, you get the best out of themselves. And this is an exclusive function to be a football coach.

Finally, we understand that many players are young kids subject to excessive pressure. Press, rival hobbies or even his own fans can sink an excellent footballer. That’s why to be a football coach You have to understand and protect your players.

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