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Key Supply Chain Trends for 2024

Supply chains play a vital part in many businesses. Being able to meet rapidly changing consumer demands can be the difference between a loss and a profit. This article looks at some of the key supply trends for 2024 to be aware of.

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1. Greener supply chains

There is increased pressure from consumers and environmental organisations for supply chains to become less damaging to the environment. Green logistics is one of several supply chain trends affecting warehouses. Eco-friendly warehouses which utilise advanced energy management systems and renewable energy sources are increasingly common. Electric vehicles are also being used more.

2. Circular supply chains

Circular supply chains are those where discarded products are refurbished for reuse or resale. This helps to cut costs as less is spent on raw materials and creates less waste, reducing environmental impact. There are incentives available for sustainable practices, both from governments and from consumers.

3. Robotics and automation

Robotics and automation can significantly transform supply chains and supply chain management. Examples include using driverless vehicles and drones to streamline logistics operations and using mobile robots in warehouses and factories to speed up labour-intensive or menial tasks. This also frees up humans to work on more complex elements of supply chain management.

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4. Tapping machines

Tapping machines are increasingly popular in numerous industries. They are cost-effective, precise, and reliable. Roscamat is a world-leading manufacturer of tapping machines and tapping arms. There are a number of specialist companies that sell Roscamat tapping machines, some of which have useful online resources such as the examples seen here:

5. Greater integration

Companies will continue to look to build integrations with third parties. This can help reduce costs as well as improve customer service. Examples include the integration of freight and delivery services and order fulfilment.

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