A jolly little jaunt around Silverstone.

The British Grand prix at Silverstone is one of the oldest and most attended races in the Formula one calendar. It’s held in the middle of the F1 race season and mid-summer for the British Isles. It can be either a heatwave or howling winds and rain, so the unpredictable British weather certainly plays its part. Silverstone is a fast track which still bears the ghost of the old track and its original use as decommissioned World War two airfield. Whatever the weather and conditions you can enjoy it in style and a high degree of comfort if you join the Britain F1 Paddock Club and make the most of the sites hospitality by visiting

I bet the drivers would like to have some of that hospitality, but they are a little bit busy with other things that weekend namely driving around this track are hair-raising speeds.

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The start finish straight is surrounded by the baying crowds of ardent fans and the first slight curve in to Abbey is one of the most exhilarating and run off prone starts in F1. The race is run the traditional clockwise fashion. Abbey curves to the right and leads into Farm which curves to the left then it’s a big left hander called the loop to slow the cars down after the frenetic start. This throws the drivers in to Brooklands straight. This is a good overtaking chance if the drivers have come out of The loop well, but they need to be on the brakes fast as the Luffield and Woodcote complex of right handers is next and then another straight into the fast left of Copse if you can handle it. This ends by flowing into the S bends of Maggots, Becketts and Chapel a fast right left right.

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You are now about halfway round the track and the good news is that the complex bends are behind you. The fastest part of the course awaits, and this is part is closely related to the original track. After Chapel, and as long as the exit is right, you can come down the Hangar straight and reach a top speed of 200 miles per hour before hitting the brakes to slow down from 200 to 150 miles per hour to take on the straight into the Vale complex of a tight left and then a long right hander. This is a relatively slow and sedate 80 miles per hour and before the drivers applies the throttle to full and get back up to 150 miles per hour to exit Club corner and onto the start finfish straight. If you’ve don in it faster than one minute twenty-six seconds you’ve broken the track record. Now just do that another 51 times and you’ve finished it.

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