How working as a team can improve individual and group performance

When companies organise their workforce in teams, they can improve productivity by introducing new approaches. Teams offer an alternative to a vertical command system and a more inclusive approach to the corporate organisation. Whereas work groups share information so that individuals can reach their objectives, team members share responsibility for their goals. Synergy means teams can achieve more together than employees who are working alone.

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Talent and skills

In creating high-performing teams, good leaders understand how members complement each other and that cultivating the shared values and communication lines is essential to success.

Great teams involve people with a range of talents and skills. These can involve strategic thinking, relationships skills, good communication abilities, creativity, and attention to detail.

Corporate team-building events can help management to spot these skills and put employees in situations they are unlikely to encounter in the workplace, taking them out of their comfort zone. There are a range of events available, from problem-solving exercises to practical skill tests such as a tank driving experience from a provider such as

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When organising your team, there is no harm in providing some fun to avoid burnout. A team-building exercise can inject enjoyment into the workspace and help to build positive relationships within the organisation.

Desired outcome

By building these relationships, team leaders will not only be able to identify strengths amongst individuals but also enable staff to work within the group and ensure they appreciate each other. By helping team members to concentrate on a single project, outcomes can improve. Multiple tasks within a project can lead to confusion; however, ensuring everyone understands their role and its consequence within the project will virtually guarantee improved outcomes.

When individuals understand the desired outcome and have a vision of the task, communication improves; as a result, the team performs at a higher level. By providing a channel for feedback, team leaders can ensure full integration for everyone involved. This channel will also ensure integrity within the group and that their actions provide the optimum results.

An environment that encourages learning from peers, such as through team-building experiences, will mean organic growth within the group is established at an early stage. Collaboration is key in any team environment and will lead to higher performance within the organisation.

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