Five ways to winter-proof your garage

Whether you use your garage as a workshop or a storage room, you need to winter-proof it before the cold weather sets in. Protect your car and your tools by following these five smart tips.

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Seal the cracks

As winter approaches it makes sense to perform a full inspection of your house and garage for all those gaps and cracks that let the cold air in. Seal with flexible caulk or stuff the gaps with bubble wrap or insulating tape. Any cracked window panes or cracks in the garage door should be repaired or replaced. Thoroughly sealing your garage now will also make it easier to keep cool in the summer.

Deep clean

Dirt and debris gets walked into your garage throughout the summer, so now’s the time to clean it. Clear everything out including your shelving and sweep the floor thoroughly before sealing the concrete. Vacuum out any remaining dust, debris and spiders’ webs so your garage is ready to face the winter.

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Add storage

A poorly winter-proofed garage is no place for storage, so now’s a good time to invest in garage shelving. Choose a company like with a large range so you can find the system that best suits your needs. Shelving is perfect for storing away the sports gear and summer beach equipment that you don’t need now whilst keeping your winter items close at hand. Just check that your garage shelving has the correct load bearing rating for your storage needs.

Keep it ventilated

If you’ve spent a weekend weather stripping and sealing your garage you might wonder why you need ventilation. The answer is simple – if you don’t ventilate, moisture can build up and cause damage to anything that’s stored in your space including clothes, tools and garden equipment. It’s relatively easy to do – install a passive or electrical wall vent or window vent to allow the moisture to pass into the atmosphere.

Heat it up

If you intend to work in your garage through the winter, you’ll need to find some way to keep it warm. You’ll need to invest in a proper forced air garage heater – a standard heater won’t be able to cope with the volume of air to be heated and may overheat. Make sure any chemicals are stored securely for safe and secure garage heater use.

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