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SPA during pregnancy: Well-being treatments to be tasted awaited

Can the SPA take during pregnancy?

This is the question posed by all the future mothers who want to take care of their beauty and enjoy moments of pure relaxation, even when awaited. Nothing is more relaxing and beneficial than a nice massage or a bath in a thermal pool. Will it be so even during pregnancy? Let’s find out together.


Can you go to the SPA during pregnancy?

The answer to the question is offered directly by the wellness centers. In fact, there are many facilities that offer wellness packages dedicated exclusively to future mothers. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

Even pregnant women can then indulge in a bit of relaxation in the SPA, provided that certain precautions are followed.

First of all it is necessary to know precisely what are the aesthetic and wellness treatments that can be done and which are to be avoided. Secondly it is essential to always rely on a specialized staff who know how to choose the appropriate practices and execute them with care. In any case, it is always advisable to wait for the third month of pregnancy before undergoing any type of treatment to preserve the health of the mother and that of the child. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

Wellness treatments for pregnant women

Beauty rituals and SPA treatments can help expectant mothers to face with greater serenity the physical, hormonal changes and moments of stress that characterize this special period of a woman’s life. Here are the treatments granted during pregnancy.

Massage during pregnancy

If performed gently and by experienced operators, prenatal massage is not at all risky.

During the treatment the use of any equipment is excluded. The massages involve only the use of the hands and their slight movements will be concentrated on the spine, the pelvic region and the back muscles. Naturally the maneuvers should not be performed in the abdominal area. Usually, to create a perfect and relaxing atmosphere, everything is done in a well-ventilated room with background music to take advantage of the benefits of music therapy.

Even the lymphatic drainage massage can be performed during pregnancy. By counteracting fluid retention, this technique helps to eliminate swelling and heaviness in legs, ankles and feet, typical drawbacks of pregnancy. Moreover, it is effective in combating cellulite and avoiding annoying sagging that may occur after the gestation period.

Swimming pool and whirlpool

Water treatments are not completely prohibited for pregnant women but some precautions are necessary.

First of all, it is absolutely forbidden to immerse yourself in hot water tanks. The heat could cause fainting and especially problems with the blood flow risking not to provide the right amount of oxygen to the fetus. Baths in warm water are always to be preferred. Also forbidden the Kneipp path and other hydrotherapypractices that provide for the alternation between hot and cold and which can be particularly tiring.

The hydromassage is useful to stimulate blood circulation, tone and prevent the appearance of varicose veins. Be careful, however, to the jets of water, they should not exert too much pressure and hit the area of the abdomen. Also in this case it is important that the water temperature is constant.

Mani Pedi

There are also treatments for nail beauty, but there are some recommendations. Manicure and pedicurelovers will have to make sure that the instruments used are correctly sterilized and avoid cutting the skin so as not to cause any infections.

Those who love to admire their nails after applying enamel can do it. It is enough to choose products without particular harmful chemicals for the future mother and baby.

SPA treatments to avoid during pregnancy

Going to the SPA with a belly is possible if done with the right caution. After seeing the pregnancy-proof wellness treatments, let’s find out which ones are to be postponed until after the baby’s birth.

Sauna and turkish bath

Steam and high temperatures are the enemies of future mothers. Hot environments like the Finnish sauna and the Turkish bath could cause overheating, sudden changes in pressure and fainting. In addition to this, especially in the first quarter, undergoing a heat bath increases the risk of defects in fetal development.


Tanning lamps and sunbeds during pregnancy are dangerous for the health of the skin and the baby. Hormonal changes make the skin of the pregnant woman more delicate and therefore more subject to burns and the appearance of dark spots. In addition, some studies claim that high temperatures and exposure to UV rays could create problems for the development of the child’s spine.

Essential oils

The scent of essential oils and their therapeutic properties are precious assets for the health and beauty of our body. In pregnancy, however, the use of these essences could cause problems to the fetus and it is important to know which ones to use and in which period of gestation.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, these natural products are absolutely to be avoided. In the following months, however, essential oils such as juniper, cypress, chamomile or lavender, if diluted can be used to strengthen the capillaries, exploit their draining action and counteract the swelling.

Not recommended for cinnamon, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus and all plants containing ketones and phenols. The former may have a negative effect on the neoformation of the fetus, the latter have a heating effect and promote vasodilatation.

Foot reflexology

Relying on a good reflexologist can be a great help during pregnancy to fight water retention, fatigue and swelling. In addition, foot reflexology is a valuable ally for expectant women who suffer from nausea, heartburn and insomnia. Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.


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