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What is solar shading and how does it work?

Solar shading refers to the use of architectural elements or devices to control the amount of sunlight entering a building. This can reduce solar heat gain and glare. In the UK, where the climate can vary significantly throughout the year, solar shading is particularly important for improving the comfort of those inside as well as increasing energy efficiency.

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What are the types of solar shading?

Brise soleil can be installed on the exterior of buildings to block direct sunlight while allowing light to enter. Adjustable blinds can also be installed on the exterior of windows to control sunlight and heat.

Awnings are retractable fabric or metal structures mounted above outdoor areas to provide shade for businesses selling fruit and vegetables or perishable goods. They are also aimed at café and restaurant owners.

How can solar shading impact energy efficiency?

By reducing solar heat, these shading devices help to keep indoor temperatures cooler during the warmer months. This reduces the need for cooling systems such as air conditioning. This can lead to lower energy consumption and operating costs for businesses.

Brise soleil can be a very effective solution for homes and businesses. For more information on this form of solar shading, visit a specialist such as

It can also reduce glare

In addition to controlling heat, solar shading devices also help to mitigate glare. This improves the environment for workers, especially those in spaces with large windows or glass fronts. For a simpler look, The New York Times highlights some budget shades that are suitable for homes.

Solar shading can be integrated into the building design

Solar shading solutions can be integrated into the architectural design of buildings. This can enhance their aesthetic appeal. Architects often include shading elements into the building design, and they look at factors such as building orientation, as well as local climate conditions to optimise the shading.

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By putting in place appropriate shading solutions, buildings can minimise their impact on the environment. It has also been suggested that this technique can enhance workers’ well-being, which is a bonus.

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