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How Many Types of Digital Marketing Are There? Discover

Digital marketing has become the greatest strategy of any business; either online or physical. Today there are multiple types of digital marketing. It will help your service or product reach many users through the internet platform.

Experts say you should be aware of trends and types of digital marketing. In this way, you will find the most effective results and thus be able to apply an effective strategy to your digital marketing plan.

But in marketing it is not just having a strategy; You must be creative, accept the mistakes of the tests you take and stay ahead of the competition. They are very important factors that you must take into account in your business.

Four types of digital marketing

The types of marketing that exist today are many, some of them are interruption marketing, inbound marketing, traditional marketing, permission marketing, among others. Although there is a great variety of types of marketing we will mention the most relevant and important today.

types of digital marketing

Inbound Marketing

It is done with the aim that customers can find your brand. In this way, you can transmit useful information about your services or product. This strategy is widely used in blogs, YouTube videos, among others.

Conversational Marketing

His goal is to find current customers with the potential to speak positively about your brand. In this way, you will be advertising and most importantly creating a unique experience that is worth sharing with other people.

Traditional Marketing

The strategy of this type of marketing is to sell aggressively; that is, direct sales, mail, radio, television, print media (magazines or newspapers), among others. Just focusing on your product or service you want to provide to the public.

Permission Marketing

This marketing is widely used by many businesses and especially on Instagram in the famous art galleries; It is about asking the customer for permission for the company to advertise its product or service.

In the case of the art gallery, it would be asking a cartoonist for permission to take one of his works and publish it on his profile and in the description of the image, place who the fabulous drawing is. In this way, you will be giving credits to the artist and you advertise his art.

Importance of digital marketing

The importance of digital marketing for your business or company is essential today. People are very connected to the technological world and are aware of social networks 24 hours a day. That is why this strategy is currently the most used by many entrepreneurs.

In addition, it is the best tool to have contact with your audience; understand the needs of your client and in this way bring your products or services closer. Which provide a solution to your problems or needs.


There are many types of digital marketing, the collars you have to adapt to your business. The strategy you have set out to achieve the success of your company. Remember that marketing gives you the ease of capturing people and making them interested in your product.

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