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How to Care for a Creeper Plant

The plants enliven our homes, gardens and terraces, and its beauty depends largely on the care that we provide them. The vines -of which there are multiple varieties- are very grateful and very decorative. However, they deserve some special care. Here, we will explain how to care for a creeper plant.

How to care for a creeper plant?

It is essential that you know that you yourself are in charge of guiding the growth of the climbing plant, so you must think carefully about where you want to place it and space you plan to occupy. Although it may seem obvious, be careful and do not allow it to grow to cover a door or a window. Wires, branches and bridles will be of great help to redirect your creeper plant.

how to care for a creeper plant

Step 1:

In winter every plant will require some special care. You must have made sure to hold the plant well to the fence or the wall so that the wind does not end up throwing it on the ground. In addition, with respect to the cold -and always depending on the type of vine you have- if the temperatures drop too low, it doesn’t hurt to cover it. If you follow these recommendations on how to take care of a creeper plant, it will surely endure all winter without problems.

Step 2:

In summer you have to be cautious with high temperatures. You must bear in mind that the plant itself is directed towards the sun and it is necessary to ensure that it does not end up burning. Its very hot, it sprays water on its branches to cool them – without abusing, we don’t want to drown them either. To make it look perfect in summer, we recommend that you water your creeper plant in the morning, this way it will stay humid during part of the day and will be able to better withstand the heat.

Step 3:

Regarding spring, we must remember that it is the time when there are more pests, so you have to be very careful to avoid them. It does not hurt to carry out home remedies so that our creeper plant does not suffer one. This is the season of pruning and, therefore, the time to shape your plant. Think carefully about how you want it to continue growing. Take the opportunity to remove everything that does not interest and clean it.

Step 4:

In autumn it is the precise moment to pay them so that they resist the inclemencies of winter. Also, during this season we must reduce irrigation – both in quantity and regularity – since it does not require as much water.

As you may have seen, the care of creeping plants is not far from that of a normal plant, and the most important thing is to take care that it takes the right direction.

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