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How To Choosing A Manicure Machine?

Modern devices are able to greatly facilitate the guidance of beauty, simplify the procedure of manicure, make it as fast and affordable as possible at home. Practice shows that the correctly chosen manicure machine can replace the salon procedure of a hardware manicure: with its help, you can rid the home of nail plates from irregularities and external defects, prepare the cuticle for further removal, facilitate the application of a lacquer coating and give your hands an aesthetic and well-groomed look. True, these units are not cheap, which means that their choice should be approached most responsibly. How to choose the right machine for home and salon use, what nuances should be taken into account and how to find the optimal balance between price and quality of the device? Nail tips will help you understand the modern assortment of manicure machine!

How To Choosing A Manicure Machine?

Classic equipment

Manicure Machine hardware works on the same principle as the drill, but it looks much more compact and attractive. The rapidly rotating cutter gently levels and polishes the nail plate, removes the coarse skin on the phalanges of the fingers, lifts the cuticle and gives the handles an aesthetic appearance. Based on the functions assigned to it, each machine should have the following minimum configuration:

  • Body (usually in the form of a thick handle),
  • Motor for rotating nozzles
  • Battery or cable to charge the device.

In addition, most often bundled with a typewriter attached sets of various cutters – for your own and artificial nails, treatment of corns, hardened skin or cuticle, etc. However, the quality of such attachments often leaves much to be desired, and if they are still suitable for home use, then it is better for the salon to purchase separate sets of various nozzle cutters suitable for the selected machine model.

How To Choosing A Manicure Machine?

Devices for home and salon

To choose a good manicure machine, you should take into account the conditions in which it will be used – at home or in the salon. Of course, the device for home-targeting beauty will be cheaper, but its functionality will be significantly lower than that of professional devices. In turn, the cars for the salon should be as durable, reliable and powerful as they will be used many times more intensively than home ones. But they will cost much more.

However, the price and durability is not the only criterion by which home and salon appliances differ. Home models are usually smaller and lighter, it is easier for newbies and inexperienced masters to work with them, who have not yet mastered all the wisdom of a hardware manicure. Since the kit includes a low-power motor, a battery or ordinary finger-type batteries can be used as an energy source, which allows making the beauty management procedure more mobile.

How To Choosing A Manicure Machine?

Professional manicure machine is more functional and powerful. Complete with such devices usually comes a more extensive set of cutters for various purposes, a pedal for switching speeds, overheating protection and a special vacuum cleaner for removing nail and skin dust. However, such powerful units cannot be powered exclusively from batteries – they need a special power supply and a permanent connection to the network, which means that a manicure machine can only be done near the outlet. Yes, and weigh such a device will be more than a home, and therefore constantly carry it with you and, if necessary, have at hand will not work.

Criteria for choosing a manicure machine

To choose the optimal model, you should consider the main technical characteristics of the device and the possibilities of its use. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

How To Choosing A Manicure Machine?


From this indicator directly depends on the speed of rotation of the nozzle, and hence the processing of the nail. For artificial nails and salon use, more powerful models are required, for self-manicure at home and processing of a natural nail plate, respectively, less powerful.

The faster the mill rotates, the more intense the nail will be polished. Therefore, choosing a machine for you, it is worthwhile to dwell on models with a capacity of up to 60 W – the speed of 20-30 thousand per minute will be more than enough. However, for the intensive exploitation of this will be clearly not enough – professional craftsmen require devices with a capacity of 60 to 100 watts and 40 thousand revolutions per minute, respectively.

Weight characteristics

The comfort during manicure directly depends on how convenient the chosen model will be at work. In principle, most models have a similar shape of a writing pen, differing only in thickness and massiveness. This parameter is purely individual, therefore, it is senseless to give any recommendations in this case – it is much more efficient to hold this or that model of machine in your hand and evaluate its “fit” and ease of operation. Only by experience can you determine whether the device is suitable for you.

How To Choosing A Manicure Machine?

The same applies to the weight of the machine, but this criterion is associated not only with convenience but also with the power of the unit. If home models for manicure usually weigh from 150 grams, then the weight of the salon (including power supply) can reach up to 2 kilograms.

An assortment of nozzles for all occasions

Even the most budget machine has a set of various nozzles for a manicure. Depending on the strength and abrasiveness, they can be made of various materials:

  • These cutters are very soft, they do not cut, but rather polish the nail plate to shine. Suitable for finishing natural and artificial nails.
  • The most affordable and common cutters are ceramic. They are ideal for beginner nail masters because they are safe and delicate in their work. Stiffness can vary from 100 to 400 microns, which allows you to find a suitable model for skin, natural and artificial nails.
  • Diamond nozzles are more durable, so they can be used to treat the free edge of the nail, dry and dead skin, corns, cuticle, etc. They are more durable and more stable than ceramic, and may have different degrees of abrasiveness; therefore they are suitable for natural and artificial nails.

How To Choosing A Manicure Machine?

The set of nozzles should be evaluated not only by the material from which they are made but also by form – the purpose of the milling cutter depends on it:

  • Brushes are ideal for the initial and final cleaning of nails and skin from dust and dirt.
  • Polishing mills are necessary for glossing at the finishing stage of a manicure.
  • Cylindrical models are suitable for dense structures – artificial nails or hardened nail plates on the legs.
  • Conical perfectly cope with ingrown nails and corns, located in hard to reach places.
  • Flat is necessary for a pedicure – it is convenient to remove volumetric calluses and corns on their heels.
  • Special cutters with a pointed end are used for the treatment of the cuticle – they do not injure the sensitive skin.

For professional manicure and pedicure, all these types of attachments will be required; for a home, a cylindrical and pointed cutter will be quite enough.

How To Choosing A Manicure Machine?

Additional functions

In addition to the classic configuration, many expensive manicure machine is equipped with additional features that greatly facilitate the work. These include:

  • Shifting speeds. A very convenient feature, which, however, is present in most modern models. This addition will greatly facilitate training and work for beginners who have not yet learned to regulate the force of pressure.
  • Built-in vacuum cleaner. Another useful feature that prevents the formation of a cloud of nail and skin dust. As a result, the work of the master becomes more pleasant, and there is less harmful to health – regular inhalation of organic dust particles, which even a respiratory mask will not protect, can lead to respiratory system pathologies and other health problems.
  • Overheat protection. This function is necessary mainly for the machines used in the cabin – it allows you to prevent damage due to long-term operation and subsequent costly repairs.
  • Absolutely useless, but very attractive feature. With her, the machine looks presentable and interesting, but the emitted light does not affect the quality and speed of the manicure.

How To Choosing A Manicure Machine?

5 valuable tips before you buy a manicure machine

  1. Make sure that the weight of the machine handle without the power supply does not exceed 200 grams, otherwise the manicure will turn into a continuous torment – the hand will constantly get tired and numb.
  2. Before you choose a particular device, assess the degree of its vibration in the on state – a really good machine should not “jump” during a manicure. A light, barely perceptible vibration is permissible, but it is better than it does not exist in principle.
  3. The length of the cord of stationary models should be medium: too long the wire will interfere during operation, too short – to limit the field of activity.
  4. When buying, be sure to specify how the nozzles in the typewriter change. If you decide to choose a budget model, for these purposes you may need a special key, which should be stocked up in advance. In more expensive units, this procedure is carried out by slightly turning the cutter head, which can be performed manually, so the key is not required.
  5. Do not dwell too much on the quality of the cutters that come in the kit, especially if you choose a machine for yourself. Of course, it is very nice if they prove to be reliable and of high quality, however, such attachments usually come only in professional expensive models. If you do not need such a machine, there is no need to overpay – you can buy a set of nozzles separately, having worried in advance that they fit the specific model. In some cases, such a decision can cost much less.

How To Choosing A Manicure Machine?

Do not hesitate to clarify with the seller all the nuances of interest, hold the manicure machine in your hand, turn on and check the quality of its work – by choosing the right model, you will be able to ease the process of a hardware manicure many times, making it a pleasure!

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