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How to Dance Reggaeton Without Making Wrong? (Step by Step)

Dancing reggaeton is undoubtedly a social skill today; Who has not been in a meeting with friends and out of nowhere, the music starts and everyone stops dancing? Most times, you can see couples of couples or even marriages dancing a good song of this Latin genre. It has dominated the American music scene for many years. In this post, we try to give you an informative guide with which we hope you can get enough information on how to dance reggaeton.

How to dance reggaeton

Reggaeton dance has spread throughout the world, infecting more and more people of musicality. So, contagious and sensuality (more or less liberal) that he travels with him.

Dance reggaeton

The most prominent artists and the music itself fills your body with good vibes and many emotions. They are externalized in the form of a reasonably authentic, sensual and fun dance. We will include some tutorial videos so you can see the techniques and tips that will facilitate this goal. Before you start dancing, let’s review the history of this musical rhythm that constantly evolves and adapts to the new generations of listeners.

Where does reggaeton come from?

As you know, reggaeton is a danceable rhythm, with very sticky melodies and that by nature invite you to move to your swing. Those are characteristics of Latin American music. This genre comes from Reggae and dancehall.

These rhythms: Reggae and dancehall (one practically born in Jamaica and the other already well established in that country), along with hip hop American influenced the creation of this hybrid genre.

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Learn to dance Reggaetón

Reggaeton roots can be found in Puerto Rico. They began to take shape and give life to this musical explosion in the 1990s when artists like Nando Boom and Pocho Panel settled in Panama. It gave life and boom to the so-called Reggae in Spanish.

Reggae in Spanish was an adaptation of Jamaican Reggae (and also later Jamaican dancehall) to Hispanic culture in Panama. The origins of that genre began with the first Latin American reggae recordings made in Panama during the 1970s.

The influence of Jamaican Reggae on Panamanian music has been very strong since the early twentieth century when workers from Jamaica were imported to build the Panama Canal.

Meanwhile, during the 1980s, Puerto Rican rapper Vico C released Hip Hop albums in Spanish to be enjoyed by the young population of his nation. These productions helped spread the sound of what would later be known as reggaeton.

The spread of the Spanish reggae movement in Latin American communities in urban centers in the United States helped increase its popularity.

How did the word Reggaetón come about?

The etymology of the term reggaeton comes from a couple of words of different languages. First, we have that the word Reguetón is an adaptation to Spanish of the word Reggaetón. In turn, it derives from the word Reggae and the suffix – ón. It was coined by producer Michael Ellis in Puerto Rico, for the year of 1988.

Another concept of the word “Reggaetón” is given by the renowned artist Gringo El Original. He said that the term refers to an idea, a revolutionary thought to expand Reggae in Spanish and improve it, giving rise to a “Big Reggae.”

how to dance reggaeton

Reggaeton Features

The reggaeton has changed since birth. It is according to his promotion going closer and a larger number of people, making them a growing fan base to achieve pocketing a multibillion-dollar industry clothing the world and marks pattern in the current musical movement.

While at first the influences of Reggae and I used dancehall, hip hop elements are currently taken. Singers of this genre are more accustomed to reciting the lyrics on a musical track, rather than singing them.

This musical track is repetitive and electronically produced by a Disc Jockey. He produces this main track and adding various melodies to accompany. Thus, achieve a variety of rhythms that we can find today. Read also: Military Anime

Guide to learn to dance Reggaetón

With regard to the lyrics, we can say that reggaeton is characterized by relying on rhyme to make the song catchy and easily identifiable to the public. Reggaeton lyrics often discuss issues such as oppression, crime, economic scarcity, racial discrimination and political violence.

It should be noted that over the years, they have dedicated themselves to exposing women as a sexual object to promoting drugs of abuse and liberalism in some moral aspects of society. It is up to each individual to promote good values ​​and to prevent these ideas from spreading beyond the dance floor.

Now that you have learned what is necessary about the origin and characteristics of this very ardent Latin rhythm. It is time for us to get down to work to learn to dance it.

Ø Step Number 1: Recover your flexibility

It is essential to improve our flexibility and agility with the joints, especially the hip joints since, being a dance without restrictions. Most of the movements or postures that are applied to reggaeton dance require some physical effort and focuses on the pelvic area

Start a stretching plan and besides improving your ability to reggaeton. You will also give a sweetie to your body and improve your health.

The latter is especially important in women. In reggaeton, women’s body movement, especially that of the hip. It is one of the most eye-catching components and the biggest attraction of this dance.

Therefore, we give you, a girl, two tips that you can put into practice to improve that flexibility of hips. Turn your body into a huge pendulum. When walking, stretch your legs 90 degrees forward and when you take it backward, do it also at a 90-degree angle.

Secondly, get used to exercising the hip with an ascending movement of your knees in the chest’s direction while walking. It is not to reach the knees to the chest. It is rather, to ascend the knees. So, they follow an imaginary line towards the chest.

Ø Step Number 2: Meet the Music

Although reggaeton is a musical genre that Latinos usually carry in their blood, their rhythm can be known throughout the world and eventually, each individual learns to enjoy it and dance it as if it were the last song of life.

The only and best way to really soak up the spirit of reggaeton is not to dance it occasionally or only on weekends. Run over your dance partner or trying to learn some steps mechanically, but feeling it and living it daily.

We advise you to learn to love this music and now it properly. Start studying it, meet the greats of reggaeton and listen to it wherever you go.

Ø Step Number 3: Control of the girl with sleight of hand

Boy and girl usually dance as a couple to give the front and as close as their confidence allows the boy to take his partner by the hip with both hands. The girl rests his arms on the shoulders of the gentleman. One variation is that the boy places a hand on the girl’s lower back and the lady hugs the boy, placing both sides around the back of one on the back and one on the neck. Other variations for the sleight of hand.

As you can see, the idea is to have a comfortable posture, which allows free, undulating and sensual movements, but always maintaining control over the girl.

Ø Step Number 4: Butterfly Position

The gentleman is positioned behind the girl, holding her hands. So, she is with her arms stretched out to her sides and her back to the boy.

reggaeton dance

The intention of this position is to take advantage of all the sensuality and eroticism of the female during the reggaeton dance. The boy with a “male” attitude uses hip movements that are undulating and consistent with the “infinite” shape that the girl draws with her hip when dancing.

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Ø Step Number 5: Side Ripple

This is a more individual step, in which both boys and girls can demonstrate their ability to move the joints of the whole body at the rate dictated by reggaeton. The girl has to be very sensual, while the boy projects a more “surplus” attitude as meaning “I am the best.”

Ø Step Number 6: Changing the weight on the fixed feet

You will continuously change the importance of the body while moving the front axle from left to right. It can be on the heels or the toes.

Ø Step Number 7: Up Down

Starting from the previous one, while changing the weight of the body from one side to the other, you are flexing the knees little by little. So, arrive as low as possible without losing the style. The famous hip movement in which with the knees bent, you move the pelvis back and forth.

We hope that the article helps you. You can use these tips to improve your technique when dancing reggaeton and enjoy 100% for each party.

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