The most surreal accidents of Formula 1 car

The history of Formula 1 car saves memories epic moments with great victories and overtaking, but also has a good collection of accidents and some very difficult to understand

Nearly seven decades of Formula 1 car go a long way. Throughout these 68 years there have been accidents that have shrunk our hearts and unfortunately, have taken the life of some pilot. Today we put aside the sadness and remember the most surreal accidents of Formula 1 in which fortunately everything was in a fright and there was no regret for personal injuries. Next, accidents more typical of a science fiction movie than of real life.

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  • The deliberate clash of Nelson Piquet Jr
  • The most important Spaniards in Formula 1
  • Taki Inoue hit twice by the security car
  • Alberto Ascari finishes at sea

Here we present the most surreal accidents of formula 1 car

The deliberate clash of Nelson Piquet Jr

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The story of Nelson Piquet’s crash at the Singapore Grand Prix could be the plot of a movie. What started as a simple accident ended up being a worldwide sports scandal. It all started at the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008 when Nelson Piquet hit the protections causing the departure of the safety car.

Later it was shown that the accident was not a mistake of the pilot but hours before the race the Renault dome had forced him to cause an accident. In this way, Alonso, who started from the bottom of the grid, ended up winning the race.

The most important Spaniards in Formula 1

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Finally, the FIA ​​decided not to sanction the Spanish pilot, because it could not be shown that he had knowledge of the plan. The one that was sanctioned was Flavio Briatore, on which fell a lifetime expulsion of Formula 1. We suggest to learn the main problems of braking system for your safe racing.

Taki Inoue hit twice by the security car

This is undoubtedly one of the most surreal accidents of Formula 1. If it is difficult for the safety car to run over a driver, it is even more so than twice in two different races. Taki Inoue is still remembered for these events, in addition to being considered the worst driver in the history of Formula 1.

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The first accident took place in that same season. It was during the qualifying session of the Monaco Grand Prix. Inoue broke the brakes of his car and inexplicably the crane instead of removing it from the track returned it to the asphalt. The safety car passed through the accident site when it hit Taki Inoue who was still on the track.

The second outrage took place at the 1995 Hungarian Grand Prix. Taki Inoue had suffered a mishap in his car so he was standing in the middle of the track.

The pilot was at the side of the car trying to put out the fire with the help of a fire extinguisher at the same time the medical car was approaching to help the pilot. Inoue was busy taking the extinguisher to quickly return to the car that did not see the medical car approaching. The driver of the car could not dodge it and run over. As a picture is worth more than a thousand words, here we leave the video, which has no waste.

Alberto Ascari finishes at sea

Fortunately, an accident like this would be unthinkable today, since Formula 1 is much safer than in the 50s and many of the dangers of that time are currently nonexistent. The surrealist accident of Alberto Ascari took place in 1955 at the Monaco circuit. The Italian pilot was preparing to trace the chicane of the port when it ended at sea. Miraculously Ascari could be rescued from the sea and everything was in a scare.

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Paradoxes of life, after having saved the life of an accident that had everything to be mortal, Ascari died a few days later performing some tests in the circuit of Monza. They were informal training, in which he went with some friends and did not have the case or any protection, so the accident was fatal.

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