Why would you use column radiators in your property?

Radiators are an essential part of any heating system and their location in each room in your house will determine the heat levels in there. Where possible you want to try and avoid locating them underneath a window as you will lose most of the heat straight out of the glass. If you have moved into a property that already has radiators underneath the windows you can try to direct the heat into your room by placing a shelf above the radiator or using a radiator cover that will help to contain the heat and direct it out of the vents in the unit.

When looking at your radiator options there are a variety available to you but the column radiator is a popular choice with home owners today.

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Column radiators like the ones you can find at are one such option. They are often used in properties that are looking to enhance the retro style of their design as well as being perfect for those houses that have high ceiling spaces. This is because they have a surface area that is larger than your average radiator meaning they can help to effectively heat larger spaces. They are very versatile in their use in that they can be positioned either horizontally or vertically and can be found in a selection of different colours.

These types of radiators are also chosen due to the different design possibilities. Column radiators can be created in low height and long width as well as those radiators that can be made at six-foot-tall and consisting of only a couple of pipes.

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Many home owners are selecting their radiator types based on the aesthetics as well as their heat output and energy efficiency. This is because more and more people are choosing to make a feature out of them rather than trying to hide them away inside a radiator cover.

When arranging your furniture around your radiator you should ensure that you are not placing any items too close to them that will be affected by the heat or fluctuating temperatures such as photographs and you should also ensure that there is a gap between the radiator and any furniture that is placed in front as otherwise you will simply just be warming up the back of the sofa, chair or unit that you have in front of the radiator

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