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6 benefits of oats that will make you adore

6 benefits of oats that will make you adore. Oats feel good and it’s not by chance. Its fiber and antioxidants give it contrasted properties that make it a therapeutic cereal. Discover them! The oats are convenient, delicious and very nutritious, so it is not surprising that they have become one of the most prized ingredients in healthy eating.

You can enjoy them in your muesli or porridges, with a little vegetable milk, or in your cereal bars, muffins or other sweets, although the cereal, which can be obtained in a gluten-free version, can also be consumed by directly cooking the grain.

When oatmeal is added to the habitual diet, for example, the flakes at breakfast, it is easy to feel that many things improve: feel good, you are satiated, the intestinal transit is regulated … Well, they are not imaginations. These benefits are much more than a simple perception and are not the only ones.

How do you care for your health oats

Oats are a very complete and balanced cereal. Along with carbohydrates and fiber, it provides more protein, fat, and minerals than other cereals.

It gives you, for example, very good amounts of magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and vitamin B1, as well as small doses of calcium, folic acid and other vitamins of group B. In addition, it is very rich in manganese. And all this in a very condensed way: in a small amount and without contributing too many calories.

This composition, together with the presence of several substances that make it unique, gives it advantageous properties for health :

1. It is rich in antioxidants6 benefits of oats that will make you adore

Avenanthramides are polyphenols found almost exclusively in oats. These antioxidants not only fight cellular oxidation but also have a regulating effect of blood pressure and anti-inflammatory. This is because they increase the production of nitric oxide, a gas favors the dilation of blood vessels. It is one of the best benefits of oats.

2. Feeds good bacteria in the intestine

Oats are rich in a soluble fiber called beta-glucan, which is fermentable. This has a prebiotic effect on the intestine, that is, feeding the beneficial bacteria that make up the microbiota. It is one of the best benefits of oats.

3. Regulates sugar levels6 benefits of oats that will make you adore

Beta-glucans, being soluble in water, form a gel during digestion that slows down the emptying of the stomach and the passage of sugars into the blood. This makes oats help reduce blood sugar levels and improve the insulin response. It is considered especially useful in cases of type 2 diabetes.  It is one of the best benefits of oats.

4. It helps you reduce cholesterol

Oat beta-glucans also help reduce bad LDL cholesterol, in part by reducing the absorption of cholesterol from other foods. On the other hand, avenanthramides can help prevent oxidation of cholesterol, especially if oatmeal is eaten accompanied by foods rich in vitamin C. All this makes the oatmeal ideal to include in the diet in order to prevent cardiovascular disorders.

5. Prevents the onset of asthma6 benefits of oats that will make you adore

The early introduction of oats in children’s diet reduces the risk of developing persistent asthma. It is one of the best benefits of oats.

6. Keep your weight at bay

As we have seen, oatmeal does not trigger blood sugar and this can be helpful in this regard, as it avoids ups and downs and is satiating, which helps to control intake and reduce weight.

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