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This time next year, “we will be millionaires”.

Most people recognise the well-known phrase “This time next year we will be millionaires” from the classic hit comedy series “Only Fools and Horses” starring David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and Buster Merryfield. It was Del Boy’s dream (David Jason) to become rich and make at least one million pounds and he tried every trick in the book to make that happen for himself and his long-suffering brother Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst) and their Uncle Albert (Buster Merryfield).  If you run your own independent business like Del Boy and want to become successful, be outstanding at what you do, and potentially become a millionaire then why not think about training with a professional Gloucester Business Coach such as Randall and Payne who can help you achieve your dreams. Business coaching is about the future and will show you how to maximise your profits while keeping your customers and workforce happy.

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If only Del Boy had listened to Rodney’s advice and employed a business coach, they may well have become rich much quicker and achieved their goals without having to trust in fate like when a “Harrison Lesser pocket Watch” that Del had in his possession for years finally came to light and was sold for £6.2 million, thanks to Rodney diligently filing the receipt safely.  Learn how to create better business strategies, improve your leadership skills, boost your confidence, improve your performance and profitability, and gain perspective so you have a great work, life balance. One of the most important skills as a business owner and manager is the ability to listen to your staff and your customers.  Encourage and support your team, help them to help you make your business a success and listen to your clients so that you provide a service that is tailored to each of them and their needs.

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By working with a business coach, you will become a better leader, your natural communication and sales skills will improve as you learn to combine real world business with a strategic growth plan and clarify your vision and core values. This type of coaching can benefit a new business owner or even a more experienced boss by giving a fresh and open-minded perspective on your business. The qualified coach will have a high level of expertise and offer real-world experience to your individual business.


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