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Summer yoga: greetings in the sun

Summer yoga: greetings in the sun. During the summer days, it is good not to overdo physical activity. And it is preferable to opt for light disciplines to avoid further increase the heartbeat and sweat further. That’s why many people decide to start practicing summer yoga. And then keep it as a good daily practice even with the arrival of September.

One of the first techniques that one learns is the Greeting to the Sun. A sequence of positions to be performed in succession, in one exercise, with serenity and calm. A good habit is to practice the Salute every morning when you wake up, especially during the summer to get lots of benefits for your body and mind.Summer yoga: greetings in the sun

The good weather then offers the incredible opportunity to practice yoga outdoors. Which increases even more emotional involvement. Obviously, it is better to avoid the hottest hours. So for those who want to live yoga outdoors in the early morning. And early in the evening are the best times to start without stress the day. Or move away from the accumulated during the working hours. The best thing would be not to change places where you practice yoga. But always choose the same place.

How to perform the Greeting to the SunSummer yoga: greetings in the sun

The Greeting to the Sun has two similar sequences: in the first. The right foot is carried forward. And the left in the second. Everything must happen smoothly, without jerks or efforts. At the conclusion of the Greeting, you should find yourself in the exact initial position. Standing next to the front edge of the mat.

Each yoga school has its own specific Greeting to the Sun, which is modeled on the teacher. And the level of the students. In fact, no one should perceive this yoga technique as difficult. But live it in harmony with one’s spirit: this is why it is a practice suitable for all ages.

Fundamental then is to perform the Greeting to the Sun in harmony with one’s breath. So each gesture must take place in sync with the phases of personal inhalation and exhalation. If performed respecting the breathing phases of each. The practice of Greeting to the Sun can have a truly invigorating effect on the body; otherwise, if done too quickly, it could only tire and do not help.

The benefits of Greeting to the SunSummer yoga: greetings in the sun

-Daily practice of Greeting to the Sun is an excellent yoga activity from which to draw many advantages for one’s own well-being and personal balance:

-Stress decreases: repeating the synchronized movements with the breath decreases the number of pulsations, which in times of anxiety tend to increase.

-Free the airways: breathing is an integral part of yoga techniques, practicing them daily helps to get rid of mucus and waste.Summer yoga: greetings in the sun

-Strengthens the muscles: the Greeting to the Sun includes a series of exercises that consistently strengthen the muscle tone and improve the stability of the center of gravity. The movements of the legs also favor the improvement of the circulation of the lower limbs. It is also a way to alleviate back pains, favoring greater flexibility in the spine.

-Promotes psychic and intellectual well-being: the Greeting to the Sun is composed of a series of repetitive gestures that must be kept in mind. This favors a training of memory and being focused on the synchrony between movement and breath facilitates the removal of the thoughts and concerns that daily clutter our mind.

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