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How to Make a Modern Desk? 4 Simple and Different Ideas

Today I found myself in the task of making a modern desk to work at home. I didn’t want to buy one, I wanted to make it myself. I decided to create one with a pair of pine wood easels and a wooden envelope, also of pine, but this one with an aged effect.

To finish my own desk, I set out to solve this lack of ideas with this article in which I have prepared 4 ideas to make a desk, in a homemade, manual way; with parts and materials as economical as possible. So, anyone can make a beautiful desk like the ones we will see below.

I have no doubt that by doing a quick search on the Internet. You will find many more ideas for desktops. But these that I have selected are desks that are simple to make, with easy-to-find materials, even refused and economical, and with a really nice finish. Let’s see how to make a desk.

It is a very simple way to make a modern desk. We only need floating shelves, either in natural or lacquered wood and create a desk of the measures that best suit us.

How to make a modern desk?

To set up a shelf of this type, it is convenient to do it with side instead of its own anchors, since, being a desk, it has to bear a lot of weight: our body when sometimes supported, the computer, books, etc. And maybe the anchors that these desks bring do not support the weight properly. Even so, you have the last word.

This type of desks is phenomenal for places where there is little space since they are flown desks that do not require legs and take up very little space. Naturally, we can use another type of shelf to find our own style, if the minimalist style or that particular design, similar to that of the IKEA Lack series, we don’t like.

Desk made with an old table

Desk made with an old table

As you can see, we can not only make one; if we take advantage of the two parts of the table, we can take out two beautiful desks.

To cut the table, if we do not have a wooden saw, we can always go to a workshop to get the job done for a small fee. They will cut it in a moment and if they do not charge us anything, we can always leave a tip, since we have spent their time, and that is worth money.

If you like this idea, I don’t think you find antique furniture. In markets, on the Internet, in the trash container of your street, etc.

Desk made with drawers

Desk made with drawers

Another way to make a homemade desk is as you have seen in the images above, with drawers. If we have a chest, we can always use it to set up a wooden board that acts as a desk envelope.

If we follow this idea, when the time comes to paint the wood, the paint that is needed is synthetic enamel, water or solvent, to apply on the table, previously sanded and cleaned.

This way of getting a desk is really simple. Simply put a wood that we have chosen on top of a chest of drawers. The wood can be ordered as well, or take advantage of any we already have. Here we can see another desk made in the same way.

A DIY homemade desk made with drawers and wood

A DIY homemade desk made with drawers and wood

On a low shelf, a wooden board has been laid and an ideal desk has been obtained. As you can see it is the same idea, only that instead of using drawers, low shelves have been used. You can use anything that has the appropriate size to install a table on top of it.

Lately, we are seeing many DIY projects in which these types of metal pipes are used. They are a great option. They are assembled together in an easy way, creating all kinds of custom structures, in addition, their industrial design makes them perfect for a current decoration.

These types of pipes are found in hardware stores and plumbing supply stores, and just those in the picture are galvanized iron pipes.

It has no explanation: A structure is formed with the pipes in the form of a desk, and then a wooden envelope, the one we want, is added to complete the desk.

Desk made with a sewing machine feet

Desk made with a sewing machine feet

If we still have at home, the sewing machine of our grandmother or mother and lets us use her feet, we can install a glass envelope, or wood, with an acceptable thickness, about 4cm, to create a beautiful desk. Then we can paint the foot the color we want or leave it natural.

This idea is what I applied to my desk. I bought a pair of wooden easels of pine for 5 dollars each and I took advantage of a wooden board that I had to use as a desktop envelope. And the result has been similar to the desk above, but everything is blank.

Here we can see another idea to make a desk of this type but with a variant: instead of wood for the envelope, a thick glass has been chosen. Here everyone who chooses what he likes best. What do you think of these ideas to make a desk? In the beginning, they are ways to make desks quite simple and mostly also cheap.

As you have seen, there is no idea to make a modern desk, a new trend. Here I have focused on lifelong desks and for all audiences.

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