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2019 Home Decor Trend – explore the most fashionable ideas for your living space!

Before the end of year celebrations, Designmag’s editorial team turns to the subject of trends in interior decoration. Most recently, we talked about some of the most beautiful ideas for wall decor and, more specifically, wallpapers that you can adapt to transform your home in 2019 with home Decor Trend.

In this file, we will turn to the central part of our homes: the living room living room. We will discuss the colors, the materials, the coverings and the furniture which will be at the heart of the 2019 salon trend deco. Come and see them, it’s just down!

2019 Home Decor Trend – explore our selection of ideas for the centerpiece of your home!

According to the decorators, this year will be marked by a whole series of interesting living room 2019 deco trend. With them, we will find a number of elements that were already announced in the last months of 2018. We will also discover several new surfaces and colors that will be at the center of our interior spaces for the coming months.

Home Decor Trend 2019 with a natural atmosphereHome Decor Trend

The natural scenery is very fashionable these days. And it’s one of the trendy living room 2019 that will occupy a central place in our homes. Relaxing and modern, the natural atmosphere is expressed by the organic surfaces and the presence of many potted plants.

The living room is undoubtedly one of the ideal spaces to try to create a natural atmosphere. For this, just start with a few green plants. If you are wondering which potted plant to choose, you could opt for a depolluting species. This type of houseplants has the ability to purify the air. They have a practical side that adds to their aesthetic appearance.

Do you have a small salon? Try to create a natural atmosphere with a plant wall. Or, think of aerial plants. They do not need pots to grow and can help you save space!

This year, natural deco is also reflected in the use of eco-friendly materials. So bet on furniture and decorations that are made in an environmentally friendly way!

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Home Decor Trend 2019 with Pantone color for the yearHome Decor Trend

At the end of the year, the Pantone Institute publicly announces its trend color forecasts for the next twelve months. The tradition has been observed this year too. A few days before the end of the year, we already know what will be the most popular color in 2019. According to the pros of design and fashion, this is a very special shade: the coral rose.

If you do not want to completely renovate your stay this year but you like this color, know that there are many interesting ways to invite him into your home. Think of textile accessories in coral pink. Floor mats, cushions, and curtains are perfect options for your living room.

Home Decor Trend 2019 with geometric patternsHome Decor Trend

The geometric patterns are a 2019 deco lounge trend easy to adopt. It is even more so because geometric prints are already present in many furniture collections and accessories for the home. For example, you could opt for design wallpapers with prints of this type.

Textiles are another possibility. To refresh your interior, try changing upholstery fabric by opting for geometric patterns. Or, buy a floor mat and curtains decorated with this kind of pattern.

One of the advantages of geometric patterns is that they come in many different variants. In this way, everyone can find the color and shapes that suit him best. Some will prefer a rich Moroccan atmosphere. Others will opt for a more refined style of Scandinavian inspiration. But whatever your approach, you will be able to find geometric patterns that are associated with your stay.

Home Decor Trend 2019 with original ceilingHome Decor Trend

Another interesting 2019 living room decoration trend is the ceilings in our living rooms. This year, the ceilings will play a role of accent. They will be decorated in an original way to fulfill this function!

If you like to experiment, you could paint your ceiling to turn it into an accent. Another possible approach would be to play with natural materials. For example, if you are lucky enough to have a wooden ceiling, emphasize it with more neutral paint colors for the walls.

Lovers of refined decorations have another option. They are free to install moldings on their ceilings. The moldings will attract attention without having too much a heavy presence.

Home Decor Trend 2019 with terrazzo surfacesHome Decor Trend

The terrazzo is another trend deco lounge 2019 that began to be sketched already in 2018. And now that it is making its way to settle also in our living rooms!

Terrazzo is a type of natural surface. It looks very similar to a mosaic. Its name comes from the fact that it was initially very popular as a deck covering in Italy. Subsequently, it became a coating for the interior. It is found in particular in the entrances of the house and in the bathrooms.

Currently, terrazzo is back and it is gaining more and more popularity. So you could consider a decor with terrazzo coverings for your living room. Such a surface is also suitable for table tops and worktops and kitchen credenzas. So here are some ideas for those who have a living room open on the kitchen!

Home Decor Trend  2019 with chic bohemian style ambianceHome Decor Trend

The bohemian chic style is back! Certainly, the boho chic atmosphere really never has our decorations. He was particularly popular in wedding themes. But this year, everything seems to indicate that there will be even more touches of bohemian chic style in our interiors.

The bohemian chic style is characterized by its intriguing color palette. Rich and festive, it invites creativity. It is also a style of decoration that gives a more friendly look to our homes.

The good news is that this year you can adopt the boho style without letting it dominate your living room. Do not hesitate to use bohemian accessories and combine them with another style that seduces you. In short, show originality and imagination!

Home Decor Trend 2019 with functional furnitureHome Decor Trend

For several decades now, functional furniture has been at the center of the manufacturers’ collections. And this is still the case in late 2018 and early 2019. And this is not very surprising. This 2018 deco lounge trend is due to the fact that more and more people are adopting an urban lifestyle. The furniture collections respond to this with modern pieces, little greedy space and functional.

Thus, the furniture to adopt in our living rooms will be versatile and practical. In addition to having an elegant appearance, they must be able to adapt to spaces of sizes and atypical forms. All this, to offer us even more comfort!

All this means that if you are looking for furniture for your living room, you will enjoy a varied and very interesting choice. Beside the classic furniture, you will find armchairs, sofas, and sofas that will allow you to optimize your living space. Read on to discover some specific models of furniture of this type.

Home Decor Trend 2019 with urban atmosphere decorHome Decor Trend

The urban atmosphere is another expression of this dynamic lifestyle. In town, there is usually less space. Modern apartments, including those with a large surface area, must meet all our needs at the same time. For this reason, their decor becomes more and more multifunctional.

This trend 2019 living room has a certain industrial side that rubs zen and natural touches. It is also expressed through furniture that can perform different functions depending on the time of day. Room partition panels and furniture are other typical elements of the urban style. After all, it is thanks to this kind of elements that we can easily transform our salons according to our needs!

Home Decor Trend 2019 with marbled surfacesHome Decor Trend

Marbled surfaces were very fashionable during 2018 and will remain so for months to come. We will gladly enjoy it in the lounges open on a kitchen but also in the more classic stays.

How to decorate your interior space with a marble surface? Floor and floor coverings are just one option. Beside her, there are also table tops, wallpapers, and prints with marble effect.

Already in use in 2018, these decorative accessories will be available in several interesting shades for the coming months. So you can buy a marble table top in a pink shade. Or, you will easily find blue or black marble effect wall art. So here is a beautiful way to adopt the 2019 deco lounge trend while adapting it to your interior!

Home Decor Trend 2019 with custom sofas and benches

This is a 2018 deco lounge trend that is ideal for atypical spaces. Sofas, sofas and custom benches are designed to blend in with specific nooks that are otherwise difficult to furnish.

We particularly like the effect of this kind of furniture in living rooms with kitchen. Here, the custom sofa or bench is easily transformed into a dining area. It can even replace the classic meal table without any difficulty!

Custom furniture is also at the center of an area of the living room: the reading area. The reading corner is a space designed to relax and inspire us. Cozy by nature, it is often installed in an empty area of the living room, like, for example, near a window. To make it even more comfortable, think of custom furniture!

Home Decor Trend 2019 with desert atmosphere and ethnic styleHome Decor Trend

If you are wondering what theme to adapt to decorate your stay, consider this new trend deco lounge 2019: the desert atmosphere and ethnic design. It comes from open spaces in the American West and is characterized by a typical color palette of the region.

In addition, there are traditional motifs and prints of the culture of the peoples of the Americas. To complete such decor, nothing better than a few green touches. Cactus plants and succulents are probably the best solutions for the occasion!

Home Decor Trend 2019 with a wooden log coffee tableHome Decor Trend

As for furniture decor 2019, the wooden coffee table is probably the room you can bet on. Made of organic materials, this coffee table is perfect for indoor environments. In addition, it adapts well to minimalist design salons, those of Scandinavian or modern rustic style.

In short, such a small piece of furniture can help you bring a modern touch to your space while being very versatile. Take the opportunity to make it an accent of your decor or as a complement for your living room!

Home Decor Trend 2019 with golden touchesHome Decor Trend

Finally, the latest home decor 2019 trend to mention here: that of metallic colors. Our most loyal readers already know this trend well, as it was very popular during 2018 too. It consists, in particular, to use accents of metallic shades as the complement of the main colors in his stay.

Among the most fashionable shades, there are the golden hues and those of the copper color. Do not hesitate to adopt them to make your stay even more trendy over the next twelve months!

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