Golden Globe Winner Nick Nolte Biography and Net Worth

Nick Nolte is an actor, ex-model and film producer. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. His birth name is Nicholas King. From his childhood, he played football, but after several low grades, he was forced to stop practicing. Subsequently, he discovered the interpretation. Thanks to his size, he was hired for several advertising campaigns. It was in this way that they opened their doors to acting. He starred in Return to Macon County (1975), worked with Don Johnson.

Earlier life of Nick Nolte

He became a television star and a sex symbol thanks to the series Rich Man, Poor Man. Series broadcast on the ABC channel. He acted in a production based on a novel by Peter Benchley: Abyss, thanks to his role in this mystery tape, his fame grew. In 1989 he shared prominence with Martin Short, in Three Fugitives, American version of the film Two Fugitives.

Nick Nolte in 1990

He received an Oscar nomination for his role in The Prince of the Tides, by director Barbra Streisand. Nolte gave life to Tom Wingo (professor of literature and also a football coach). Later, he stood out in The Cape of Fear, by Martin Scorsese, The Player by Robert Altman, The Oil of Life, Jefferson in Paris, Affliction, directed by Paul Schrader (thanks to this character he was nominated for the second time to the Oscar), Nolte would be the protagonist: Wade Whitehouse. In 2008 he participated in the comedy Tropic Thunder, starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. Nolte is popular for lending his voice to Kuiil, a Ugnaught breed specimen, from the Star Wars production.

Personal life

During that time, he was married to Rebecca Linger. He previously had a relationship with Sheila Page and Sharyn Haddad. In 2008 I had a complex family moment after suffering a fire at home, although none of the members of the household suffered serious damage had several economic losses. His life was heavily hit by alcoholism, a problem he faced for several years of life. He also had problems with the drug. After 15 years in this vicious circle, he decided to attack his addictions. He wrote his own biography in which he tells in detail his fight against alcohol and drugs.


In 1991, he won Best Actor award of Boston Society of Film Critics for “The Prince of Tides” film. In the same year, he won Los Angeles Film Critics Association Best Actor award for the same movie. He received a Golden Globe in 1992 in the category Best Actor – Drama. By The Prince of the Tides. In 2011, he received San Diego Film Critics “Best Supporting Actor” for the “Warrior” film.

Net worth

Nick Nolte started his film career at the age of 36. According to Forbes, Nick Nolte’s net worth is about 75 million US dollars. He earned form acting, producing films and writing books. In his total career, he performed in 40 movies.

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