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From the very beginning, mankind has held an almost incomparable creative potential. After a multitude of ingenious discoveries and advancements, our lifestyles have changed from primitive to high-tech – autonomous robots, cell phones and much more are part of today’s world. Nowadays we are facing no boundaries when it comes to futuristic possibilities; social networks stretch out all over the globe; mobile devices appear in every corner; automatic cars dominate streets everywhere – soon enough self-flying planes may join them! With this level of technology available at our fingertips right now there is truly no telling where humanity will be headed next.

Additionally, remarkable strides have been made in the areas of energy storage, medical research, and artificial intelligence. These groundbreaking developments enable us to lead more fulfilling lives and further our society:

Simulated Realities

Virtual reality is not only a tool for entertainment and content consumption, but it has also revolutionized practically every industry. The gaming sector in particular has seen great strides with improvements to the gaming experience that make it even more immersive. Nowadays, VR is making an impact on the online gambling scene as well where casino games can be played in real time!

Nowadays, VR is making an impact on the online gambling scene as well where casino games can be played in real time! These games can be played on trusted sites which have been listed at, with many suitable options to choose from where a safe experience can be enjoyed alongside one that is immersive and highly innovative!


The power and importance of Big Data is undeniable and has become an integral part of the global economy. This creates a substantial barrier to entry as only major corporations that can manage large datasets have access to it. However, blockchain technology provides a revolutionary solution – providing each person with their right to privacy by disseminating all centralized data.

Since its establishment in 2008, cryptocurrency has been embraced by the finance world and a number of other sectors for an assortment of reasons – from financial transfers to a chain of supply and beyond. In more recent years, it has even been utilized as a tool to guarantee food safety.

Robotics powered hearts

For some time, mankind has been utilizing the power of artificial hearts. Made up of titanium and plastic, these devices are installed in or connected to the natural heart to provide support or substitute a weakened organ. Abiomed from Danvers Massachusetts have created an impressive piece of machinery-the AbioCor robot heart–which is fully self-contained.

On July 2, 2001, the revolutionary AbioCor device was successfully implanted in Robert Tools – a technical librarian who suffered from congestive heart failure. This self-contained gadget is comprised of an additional part that can be worn on the wrist with a wireless power pack.

Printable three-dimensional objects

3D printing as we know it today has its roots in earlier theories and concepts, much like many other inventions. In the late 19th century, engineers began utilizing a layering technique to produce topographical maps – fast forward to 1980 and this method had become the basis for modern 3D printing technology. This marked the start of a revolutionary new era with countless applications across multiple industries!

In recent years, the combination of cost-effective production techniques with open-source software has kickstarted a 3D printing revolution. Nowadays, technology is utilized to create products ranging from prosthetic organs and less painful ballet slippers to bridges. Additionally, auto parts are being produced more cheaply by capitalizing on this innovative technique.

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