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Why Do You Need to Be Organized to Be Productive

This concept usually raises some controversy within the world of productivity. Sometimes we link the organized being to have a good tool for it, such as fantastic filing cabinets, precious folders or chromed steel trays that shine like the sun. The problem is that we usually forget the meaning that things have for us.

Why do you need to be organized?

The organized concept has an individual and independent meaning for each person. Being organized what it means is that we sort things based on the meaning they have for us. If you have a set of materials stacked in a specific place because you have decided that it makes sense to you and you have concluded that they should be there, you are organized, but if things are in the place where they shouldn’t be, you are disorganized.

Why do you need to be organized

Efficiency and effort

If you want to manage everything you may need at some point, always with maximum efficiency and minimum effort, you should concentrate on one location, everything that makes sense to you. Undoubtedly, the criterion should be to identify and relate the concept of meaning to that of location.

This is so since, as David Allen explains, we live in a constantly changing reality. For example, the plane tickets you have to take today, tomorrow, must be safe elsewhere, either in your expense folder to justify or in the trash because you have decided not to save them. If you don’t transfer them to your new location tomorrow, you will be disorganized. The concept of meaning must always precede that of the organization.

Be organized

There are people who think that because they have everything listed on their agenda, that means being organized. What is the point of storing a lot of different things grouped in a place that is not intended for that purpose? None. A clear example is the meeting notes. It seems that the simple act of taking notes implies that we are organized. In the end, they are always archived together unless you want to use them as an emergency safe-conduct in the face of possible compromised situations; this makes little sense.

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The right thing would be to clarify each of the notes taken and make decisions about each of them. This fact would surely trigger different types of actions to be carried out so that they would be constituted as material that could be classified or filed as appropriate since they would have been endowed with real meaning for us.


As a summary to be organized, you must first identify in a simple way the concept related to the meaning that things have for you and their organizational location. Secondly, you must use simple processes and structures that facilitate the task of organizing. Otherwise, you will not use them. Finally, you must ensure that your organizational system is maintained constantly. Otherwise, you will go from being organized to disorganized simply.

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