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Job or Business: Which is Better for You? Discover It

Being your boss does not sound, ok? Well, I’m not going to cheat you, it’s not bad, but it’s not something that everyone aspires to. Many people are not attracted to the idea of ​​being their boss. They prefer to work for a large company or a public body. After reading this article, you can decide the job or business for you. Keep reading.

Job or Business: Which is Better for You?

Today I want to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of being an employee and also those of being your boss and working for yourself. You can think and decide which group you belong to or would like to belong to. If you have no capital to start a business, do small business besides your job. Here we said how to do it.

At the end of the article, I will give you my opinion on the subject: Job or Business. I would like you to give me yours too.

Let’s see if we can generate a little debate to get to know each other a little better. Although you don’t usually comment on the articles, make an exception today. 😛

The life of the worker with the boss

The life of the worker with the boss

Virtually everyone has ever worked for someone, surely you too, so you already know what it is.

We will see a list of advantages of being employed that will make you see the good of working for another, whether in a large company, in a small company or a public administration.

Do things sound like security and economic stability, surround yourself with people who end up being your friends, or have paid vacations?

On the other hand, there are also several disadvantages of being employed such as the difficulty of increasing your salary. Having to adapt your life to a schedule or having to ask permission to take a holiday.

We will see these advantages and disadvantages of being employed in more detail. By the way, if I leave some, I hope you remember them in the comments.

Advantages of being employed

As you will see, many of the aspects that I will touch can be seen as an advantage or as a disadvantage, so they will appear in the two lists with a different approach. Each one has to assess which approach compensates him more to end up deciding where his balance is settled.

Advantages of being employed

A fixed salary at the end of the month

Having a salary at the end of the month gives you security and peace of mind when facing basic payments to surviving.  You should not claim a customer who pays you or looks for alternative ways to generate income. Your payroll will arrive regularly every end of the month.


This has changed a lot lately but, in theory, if you have signed an indefinite contract, you should not worry about having to look for work in a long time.


You have a boss who tells you what you should do, so you should not worry about thinking that tasks are better and priority for the business. All you have to do is get to work, do what they tell you like it or not and go home without thinking about work until the next day.

Paid vacations

According to the labor agreement in which you are, you will have some vacation days per year. Those days you can enjoy them without going to work, and you will also charge them, so you can be on vacation at the beach, and your income is not they will be affected no matter how much you are not working. You already see yourself with a Mojito in your hand and catching pasta, ehhh? Yes, you can only do it a few days a year, then work.

Discharged sick leave When you get sick and cannot go to work, you can take off work and continue to collect a percentage of your salary, so you will not run out of income while you do not work. All a bargain, right? Yes, but don’t abuse that we know each other !! 😛

If you get kicked out of work, you will be able to take advantage of the unemployment benefit, the Unemployment (I speak of Spain). This unemployment will have been generated while you worked, and according to several factors, you can charge it for a while until you find a good job. This way, if you get kicked out, you don’t see yourself overnight without charging a hard.


Normally, in a company or business, you work with more people. This can be good or bad … depending on whom you have had to work with … Normally it is good, working in a team and with other people is usually more entertaining and you can even make good friends. Don’t be an antisocial walk, then work with rock cool !! Live the teamwork 😛

Disadvantages of being employed

A fixed salary at the end of the month

What on the one hand is an advantage, on the other is a limitation? You have a fixed salary so you will not be able to collect more money than your turn. As much as that month, your work has meant that the company earns 4 times more money than the previous month, your salary will remain the same. Same if but it’s what you signed 😉


As I said before, job stability is no longer what it was. The layoffs have been cheaper, and today it is of little use to have an indefinite contract. Before the worker was more protected, now the employer has more facilities to be able to fire employees so that stability is being lost.


We have already seen that you should not worry about the tasks you should do throughout the day because you have a boss who tells you what to do. What happens when you do not like those tasks? Well, you must do them equally because it is your job and it is what your boss wants you to do. If you don’t like your job, you have little decision power to change things and make it more entertaining or focus it in another way. It’s a whore, but it’s like that …

When you are not your boss, you cannot adapt your work to your schedules, but you must adapt your schedules to your work. You have a working day with a schedule to follow, and this is not usually too flexible. You will have to organize your life around that time. You will not have the freedom to take a free morning and then work at night or not work one day and do it, for example, on Sunday …

You cannot work from home whenever you want or even from another city or while traveling. You don’t have that freedom to work relocated and whenever you want.

Ask permission

As you have a boss, every time you want to go on vacation, go to the doctor, or take a day off, you will have to ask for permission. You are not free to do it on your own. You must wait for approval to plan your trip, take your son to the doctor, or use a morning to make arrangements in the bank. Long live slavery!

You can not dress as you want

Depending on the company, you can have a dress code that you must comply with. Maybe you should go to a suit, or with a shirt, or you cannot wear jeans or shorts … There are even companies that do not let you wear earrings or tattoos … Luckily they are less and less. It does not happen in all companies, but you can find this situation, so if you want to continue working there, you will have to modify those personality traits that do not fit your image policy.

Your boss can be a cocoon

If your uncle, your boss can be a cocoon. He can fall fatally, but still, he is your boss, and you must obey him. If you were your boss you should be too cocoon to have a cocoon boss, you understand me, don’t you? Be the best possible boss for yourself. Sometimes it’s not easy either …

Advantages of being your boss

being your boss

Variable income

Being your boss allows you to have a variable income every month, depending on whether you have worked more or less, have had more or fewer clients or have had to collect or not invoices. You do not limit yourself when it comes to charging more money. It all depends on. What you bill. If you work more and bills more, you will charge more. You also have the freedom to raise rates or work on more than one thing to diversify income.

Freedom of time

You decide when to work and when not to do it. If you want to work at night and enjoy the day you can do it. If you want to work hard for 3 weeks and stay whole without doing anything, you can also do it. Being your boss, you have the freedom to organize your time as you want.

Freedom to work from wherever you want

Being your boss allows you to decide where you want to work from. You can work from home, from an office or the beach. You can work from another city, on the train or while traveling through Asia. You choose where you want to work.

You can choose what to work

When you start your business, you have the freedom to choose which subject and which sector you want to work in. Based on your tastes and what you know how to do, you can choose a project that interests you. You can enjoy to always work at ease with the tasks you have to do in it.

You can choose whom you want to work with

Those heavy and unbearable customers sound to you, right? Surely you had one. Well, being your boss allows you to choose whether you want to work with them or not. If you are lucky to have several clients and you get one that you do not like, you are free to tell him that you do not want to work with him. This allows you to work with people who contribute to you, that gives you good vibes and that you enjoy and get rid of bad rolls with shitty customers.

Your personal development will be enhanced

Creating a project from scratch will take you out of your comfort zone, put you in extreme situations, and make you make important decisions. You will mature and learn a lot on a personal level and know your strengths and limitations. Being your boss will lead you to a constant state of self-knowledge. It does not mean that it makes you better or worse. It will simply lead you to know yourself better and evolve in many aspects of your life.

Your boss will not be a cocoon if you are not yourself …

Are you a cocoon? Think about the answer because, as I told you before, you are the one who will suffer as a boss. Be the best boss you’ve ever had, and don’t exploit yourself too much.

Disadvantages of being your boss

Variable income

Just like a month, you can earn a lot of money for your work. Another month you may not have clients and not generate income. As you can see, being your boss you can earn a lot of money or earn very little. You have to have a good winning strategy for clients and ensure regular income and then increase them with extra jobs.

You have to look for customers

Above all, when your business is new, you must follow a strategy to promote and publicize your business. Customers will not come to you as fallen from the sky; initially, you will have to go find them and attract them to trust Once you become visible, people know you, and you have gained authority in your sector, customers will start arriving alone but at the beginning, you have to go looking for them.

You are responsible for your business

Yes, friend, everything that happens in your business will be your responsibility. You will not be able to hide behind anyone. You will make the decisions, and you will execute them so both the successes and the mistakes of your business will be your business.

Nobody is going to take your chestnuts out of the fire

A little in the line of the previous disadvantage you have to know that being your boss, you will have to be the one who makes the important decisions and who faces the problems that may come. You will have someone to show your face for you if you make a mistake with a client or have a boss to solve a problem without you having to move your chair’s ass.

You have to know a little about everything

When you have a business, you have to know a little of everything, and if not learn it based on hosts, you will have to learn a little about Marketing, a little about the Internet, a little about accounting, a little about the organization, another bit about productivity, about logistics … still? As much as you have someone working with you, being your boss means knowing all parts of your business.

If you do not work, you do not charge

Yes friend, if you are freelance and do not work for 2 weeks because you want to take a vacation, those 2 weeks, you will not generate income. On the other hand, the system of medical leave for freelancers also does not work the same with what I already tell you that if you get sick, you will not charge anything while you do not work. To finish depressing you I will also tell you that if you stop being autonomous, you do not have the right to Paro, so until you find a job or generate income in another way, you are not going to charge anything until you work.

You will work more hours than a watch has

Especially at the beginning, until the business stabilizes, you will spend many more hours working than if you did it for a boss. The first months you will want to have everything perfect, you will always see things pending, and it will cost you to leave the Hanging job for the next day. This, along with the customers that come to you, will make your work accumulate and you don’t know how to organize your time well.

With the passing of the months, you will learn about this and reduce your days enjoying more of what it is to have free time. If you feel alone, get together with other entrepreneurs and share experiences.

My opinion

My opinion

As you can see, the 2 options have good parts and bad parts. Besides what is a disadvantage being employed, it is an advantage being your boss and vice versa …

They are two very different work regimes, and you have to be sure what you want to decide to enter one or the other.

I have been working for others all my life and for a year. Now, I am my boss. I have been able to live all these advantages and disadvantages.

I will give you my personal opinion based on what I understood when I decided what I wanted to do with my life and discovered what I wanted my ideal life to be like.

I choose to be my boss. I appreciate having freedom, both in time and space, to organize my life as I want, to have the stability of a job for a company.

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